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I was tagged by Online Days – A teen blog for this tag. I never heard of these books, but decided to the tag anyway.


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The Questions:

Tedros: an unexpected favorite- don’t think I have one

Agatha: book with a message of self love/acceptance- have I read one of these? Don’t know if I did

Sophie: a unique and unforgettable book- the Shades of Magic trilogy

The Tale of Sophie and Agatha: Fairytale or Retelling- Spinning Silver (retelling of Rumplstilskin). It was such a wonderful book- original characters, original plot, and original world.

Kiko: The Sweetest Book- this is hard to think of one.

Collection of the Storian: Favorite Collection/Anthology- I only have read one, which is A Christmas Treasury. Collection of short stories and poems by different authors.

The Coven- Book with a girl gang/bookish squad- more than book can fit this. I am thinking of the Avalon girls- Adriane, Emily, and Kara. That is what came to mind first.

Favorite Collaboration (Author; author/artist, etc)- I have to use A Christmas Treasury again. Only book I read by multiple authors.

The Lion and the Snake- a book with a complex villain- I am thinking of the Harry Potter series. Voldemort is a complex villain, and I hope to eventually reread the series.

The Eagle: a book that helped you- boy, I feel like I have to cheat a bit here. Les Misérables was seen first by the musical and eventually led to the book. If that story didn’t enter my life, I still would be close-minded to tragedies.

Doom Room- a book that felt like punishment- the ones that did feel like like punishment were the required reads for school.

Quest for Glory: Cliffhanger or stressful read- Two can fit like this. A Gathering of Shadows has an incredible cliffhanger and Anna Karenina felt like a stressful read.

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2 thoughts on “The School for Good and Evil Tag

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  2. This looks like a really fun tag! It was nice to be able to read your answers! Here are mine:
    1) I’d have to say Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. For a long time, I thought I wouldn’t like this book. My dad recommended it to me many, many times, but I kept pushing back on it. Turns out, I really loved it!
    2) I just reread Michael Ende’s The Neverending Story and it kind of reminded me of this. I wouldn’t say that the main message is self-acceptance–rather, I think the message is about the beauty of literature–but the main character does learn, in some way, to accept who he is. It’s a long journey, but he gets there.
    3) A book I haven’t been able to forget since I read it was My Lady Jane by Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows. It was pretty much a fantasy retelling of historical events and I thought it was a lot of fun.
    4) When I think of retellings, I mostly think of Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles.
    5) I’d put almost anything written by Georgette Heyer under this category. They do have their fair share of unfortunate occurrences, etc. but they are, all-in-all, very sweet.
    6) I’ve really loved my Edgar Allen Poe collection. Not only are the stories (and poems) interesting reads, the book itself is also really pretty.
    7) I’m not sure… maybe I’ll go with the March sisters (Little Women) for this one?
    8) I’ll go back to My Lady Jane for this one. I also really liked the other book they did which was called My Plain Jane which was a retelling of Jane Eyre. Haven’t read the most recent book, but I’m excited to do so! I love how the books are technically a part of a series, but each book stands alone!
    9) Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn. I first read this book when I was in third or fourth grade, but the villain’s story has still stuck with me. I think it’s the villain, primarily, that made this book such a great one, because her story provided depth and made me pause. Perhaps part of that was just that I’d never read a book with a fairly complex villain before at that point, but it really struck me.
    10) Fire by Night by Lynn Austin. This book just hit me so hard, emotionally. I think it was just the book I needed at the time.
    11) When I read Beowulf for the first time, back in high school, it almost felt like a punishment. I read it again last year, though, for a college class I was taking and I actually enjoyed it a whole lot better. I think that when I read it in high school, I was missing a lot of needed context.
    12) I think I’ll go with Passenger by Alexandra Bracken for this one. I tried reading it twice, but just couldn’t make it through.


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