Mystery Classic Prompt #1

I noticed on another blog that there was this thing called Classic Remarks. You are basically given a prompt for a specific date and you have to answer. I decided to start doing some of those posts this year

Who are some of your favorite mystery writers

What is hard to say is that I only have one answer. My favorite mystery author is Agatha Christie. I started liking her after reading “And Then There Was None” for 12th grade literature. We were studying British literature that year, and it ended on Agatha Christie. In my opinion, her best works are “And Then There Was None” and “Murder on the Orient Express”.

While I haven’t read any Sherlock Holmes books, I hope to someday. For Christmas, I got a collection of Sherlock Homes stories. That will be an exciting adventure for me. I have a feeling I will love them.

3 thoughts on “Mystery Classic Prompt #1

  1. This sounds like a fun prompt series! I don’t read all that much mystery… I’ve only read a few here and there! I really liked Y.S. Lee’s The Agency series which would probably qualify as mystery! I’ve also got some other mysteries on my shelves that I just haven’t gotten around to yet–but hopefully soon!


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