Favorite Survivor from Les Mis

Les Mis is a tragic musical, and by the end “everyone dies”. There are only four survivors- Cosette, Marius, and The Thenardiers. Which of them is my favorite survivor?

My Favorite Survivor

This is an unpopular opinion- I do love Marius. He isn’t just a romantic character, but a revolutionary as well. He isn’t a jerk either like a lot of people believe. Yes, he is part of the love triangle and falls in love with Cosette. He is close friends to Enjolras and Eponine.

While he doesn’t love Eponine in the romantic way, he is still a good friend to her. He is a brave and compassionate person. Marius is the only person in her life who treated her kindly, and is the only good thing. Just because he asked Eponine to do those errands doesn’t make him a jerk. Even Eponine would say he was a kind person.

Joshua Grosso (Empty Chairs at Empty Tables)

Look, Marius is compassionate. You truly saw this in the 2nd act at the barricades. I believe he sent Eponine away with that letter to protect her from getting hurt from the uprising. However, Eponine does come back, and gets shot after shielding Marius from a bullet. I think he asked Eponine why she came back was because he was worried. After discovering she was dying, he was devastated. He could have left her to die alone, but doesn’t. He decides to stay with her to comfort and hold her while she dies- yes, he was heartbroken, but at least he shows compassion in that moment- how can some people not see that.

Combined- he is a brave, compassionate, awkward, and sweet person. He isn’t just a romantic interest and isn’t a jerk. If he wasn’t brave, he never would gone to the barricade and if he wasn’t compassionate, he wouldn’t have been devastated during Eponine’s death scene. He was worried about her- he was trying to protect her by sending her off with that letter. He is actually more complex then he appears.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Survivor from Les Mis

  1. *ahem* So it’s a well-known fact about me that I absolutely hate Marius. I read the book precisely with Marius in mind and I hated him more and more with each scene. (Despite having seen the musical, read the book and watched the PBS series, I found him equally annoying in each presentation) This year when I read Les Miserables again, I’ll try to set aside my previously formed biases and just see him for what he is.

    All that to say, I definitely enjoyed seeing your thoughts on Marius and I did think you had some good points!


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