My Favorite Friendships in Musicals and Books

One of my favorite relationships to find in a musical or a book belongs to friendship. There is some overlap between book and musical friendships. So, what are some of my favorite friendships in the musical theatre and book friendships.

Possible Spoilers:

The Trio of Harry Potter

I have always loved the relationship between Ron, Hermione, and Harry. They are always dealing with tough challenges. They are loyal to each other- Harry never would defeated Voldemort without these two.

Sam and Frodo

This friendship in Lord of the Rings is similar to the trio of Harry Potter. Would Frodo have made it without Sam? He never would have—Sam is with Frodo no matter what.

Merry and Pippin

These two characters can be troublemakers, but really care about Middle Earth. You truly saw their importance to saving Middle Earth in the final two books. They are kinda of similar to the relationship between Fred and George.

Kara, Adrienne, and Emily

I haven’t read Avalon for a while, but their friendship is so magical.

Esther, Ada, Charley and Caddy

Yes, they are separate relationships- Ada and Esther, Esther and Charley, and Esther and Caddy. I loved each of those friendships in Bleak House.

Friends of the ABC

Well, this relationship is a book and musical overlap. They have a brotherly relationship that feels like family, and truly are passionate about the uprising. There is a lot of hope in this group of friends. Enjolras is the leader of all of them- he is the most passionate. I love how you see a vulnerable side to them- you truly saw this during “Drink With Me”. This is such an intimate scene- they know they are going to lose and know they will die, but yet still have passion of the uprising. Marius is still devastated over the loss of Eponine.

Marius and Eponine

They only have a friendship in the musical. This is an unpopular opinion. Marius is a good friend to Eponine- he is all she has in life. You can tell how much Marius values their friendship at the time of Eponine’s death- she sacrificed her life to save Marius. Marius was really devastated at discovering she was dying, but he still showed compassion by being with her.


They are parallel to the Friends of the ABC- meaning they are similar. Both have a cause they truly believe in, and feel like family. Both groups have a leader- Jack Kelly and Enjolras.

Jack Kelly and Crutchie

These two are my favorite Newsies. I love their intimate and special bond they share. Jack truly cares about his brothers especially towards Crutchie.

The Rent Friends

The relationship between the friends are incredible. Every character is unique in their own way.

Lumiere and Cogsworth

Is it weird to love a friendship between a talking candle and clock? There is something interesting about their friendship.

Elphaba and Glinda

Of all musical theatre friendships, the beautiful bond of Elphaba and Glinda comes straight to mind. They may have disagree at times, but make up for it. They truly changed each others’ lives for the better. The love triangle does test their loyalty- they wouldn’t let a boy get in the way of their friendship.

Any more, can you add to the list- favorite friendships in books and musicals?

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Friendships in Musicals and Books

  1. Ah, yes, the Sam and Frodo relationship is probably one of my favorite friendships of all time. ❤ And AH, I love the friends of the ABC. So good. Thanks for sharing!

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