Mystery Classic Prompt #2

 Classic Remarks is how I originally found these prompts. It is fun answering those questions. Now, what is todays’ question?

What is a classic book you are afraid to pick up? Why?

I don’t think I have been afraid to pick up a book. Yes, some books were difficult to want to read- that belonged to required high school and college books. Even long books I choose to read were not scary to pick up. Here were some of my long books I choose to read- Les Misérables, Nicholas Nickleby, Don Quixote, The Iliad, and The Odyssey (none of them intimidated me).

I honestly have no idea. Yes, I was intimidated by War and Peace, but decided not to read it. That was all because I disliked Anna Kareninia- once I dislike a book from an author, I decide not to read those books any more.

4 thoughts on “Mystery Classic Prompt #2

  1. I guess I would not say I was literally “afraid” of a book. However, I think some can be quite intimidating! I don’t like stream-of-consciousness books, for example. I don’t understand what I’m supposed to get out of them. I would rather have a straight-forward plot!


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