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I saw this tag at Miss New Village Reads, and because of my love for Rent, I decided to do it.

The Questions

Over the Moon – tell us about the weirdest book you have ever experienced: I was thinking of the Howl’s Moving Castle Series for this one. Especially after the first book. It can be odd in a way, but really delightful to read.

Seasons of Love – tell us about a book that don’t centre romantic love: A number of books do not center around romantic love. Lord of the Rings centers around protecting Middle Earth. Frodo is the ring bearer, and the only way to destroy Sauron is to destroy that one ring. Frodo and Sam are on the way to Mordor, Merry and Pippin do care about Middle Earth- they had to convince Treebeard to think of destroying Saurmon’s Tower in order to defeat him, and the rest of the fellowship have to go into war.

I love both the movies (including The Hobbit) and the books.

Santa Fe – tell us about a book that involves travel

Like the last one, more than one book is like this. The Shades of Magic trilogy came to mind automatically. Kell does travel between the parallel Londons’, and does travel to nearby locations.

Take Me or Leave Me – tell us about a book with an unapologetic character: what does that even mean? I am thinking this works best with villains who don’t redeem themselves. Voldermort is one of them- he is a dark lord, and can only be destroyed if all his horcruxes can be destroyed.

I’ll Cover You – tell us about your favourite literary couple: I have to confess, I struggle with finding literary couples. Some I am aware of due to their movies or musicals of them. One of my favorite couples is Marius and Cosette: I am aware that is an unpopular opinion. If only I could pick up on literary couples easier.

Out Tonight – tell us about a character whose personality cannot be contained: I am thinking of Osaron for this one. That was a result of Holland using the black stone to make Osaron alive again. Osaron’s magic is hard to contain, and his magic is dark: as a result, Kell, Lila, Holland, and Alucard Emery leave Red London to find a container that can.

Without You – tell us about a sad book you enjoyed: well, Les Misérables did came straight to mind. Tragic and inspiring. It is an incredible story filled with wonderful characters. Yes, I read the entire unabridged book, and what helped me was using my former knowledge of the musical. Yes, I had to cheat and use a picture from the musical- but I don’t have picture of just the book.

One Song Glory – tell us about a character who got a second chance: Crazily enough, I thought of Jean Valjean automatically. After 19 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread, Valjean becomes a hardened and angry man, which gets more severe after being released. However, he is given a 2nd chance by the bishop: he welcomes him into his home, gives him a place to sleep, and food to eat. After Valjean stole silver, the bishop forgave him and taught him the ways of the Lord. Valjean lives by what the bishop taught for the rest of the musical.

La Vie Boheme – tell us about a book that inspires you: Oh my gosh, I will say Les Misérables again for this one. There is hope in several ways in the musical due to multiple characters, and what their hope is different. Just like the musical says, “to love another person is see the face of God”, and “even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise”.

Today 4 U – tell us about a character who is very generous: Despite some flaws, I love Nicholas especially because he showed compassion to Smike. Smike and Nicholas are actually one of my favorite friendships: after Nicholas left that terrible school, Smike followed and the moment he said something like “can I follow you”- Nicholas let Smike be a part of his life.

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6 thoughts on “Rent Book Tag

  1. I’m so glad you did the tag! I am planning on reading A Darker Shade of Magic soon. The size of Les Mis intimidates me, but I do want to get around to reading it one day soon. I love the stage production of it so much. And it fit well with so many of the prompts.


  2. Wow!!! This tag was amazing 🤩🤩 As well as your answers (loved that you mentioned Les Mis so much 😉). Thanks so much for tagging me, I can’t wait to do this one!!


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