Musical Theatre- What did it teach me about storytelling

Crazily enough, I learned a lot about storytelling in musical theatre. While I don’t have the talent to be in musicals, I still discovered a lot when I was going to them. So, what did it teach me about storytelling?


Most of what I discovered about storytelling belonged to Wicked. I was able to discover what emotional connection means, and the importance behind it. I was able to learn that the best plots tend to have positive and negative emotions. I learned why do both need to exist. In addition, I discovered that some of the best storylines also have complex plots. I learned that characters have to be complex in order to feel real. The same applies to love triangles- being complex and strong; as a matter of fact, Wicked was the beginning of discovering love triangles.

Les Mis

This is crazy to say, but Les Mis did teach me other things. I always believed death couldn’t be memorable- turns out this musical taught me the opposite. Yes, sad was already in musicals, but heartbreak wasn’t. Les Mis made me look at emotions a bit deeper- so I was able to discover heartbreak because of Les Mis. Wicked may have been the start for love triangles; turns out I didn’t fully understand them. I didn’t quite understand unrequited love- I didn’t even know that was a term. Eponine really did helped me understand unrequited love- “On My Own” really did help further develop Wicked’s love triangle. Wicked and Les Mis are home to two incredible love triangles. In addition, I don’t know if I understood the importance of backstory, but believe Les Mis helped with that.

Crazy how Les Mis challenged what I thought I knew about musicals.


Here is something I don’t know when I discovered it. I don’t know which musical helped me understand that flawed characters tend to be some of the best. I intentionally made Sparkle, the main character of Tale of the Cattail, have flaws. I even had to give my antagonist, Sarge, a tragic backstory. In some ways, tragic backstories are incredible for some characters, but not all. Just depends on who the character is.

Did something outside of Books make you start to understand Storytelling?

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