The Last Battle Review

Believe it or not, I finished the entire Narnia series in one month. It was kinda of sad to read The Last Battle knowing it was the final book. I now love the world even more due to characters I completely forgot about such as Puddleglum.

The Last Battle relates the events leading up to the final battle between invading Calormenes and Narnians loyal to King Tirian. The “last battle” also refers to the impending end of the world, where the beings of Narnia face final judgment in Aslan’s country, after a final test of faith in Aslan

It was sad reading this book in a way knowing it would be the last. I have learned to love the world more. This book was sad at times, but in a way happy at times. I got to see a lot of the characters I loved once again. Well, it literally said the beginning that King Tirian was the final king, and from that I kinda of knew that this would be the end of Narnia. I really disliked the Ape, who forced Puzzle to wear a lion skin and make those from Narnia believe that Puzzle is Aslan. I really loved Puzzle and wish he hadn’t been through that. When Aslan started getting rid of Narnia, that was really sad when I knew that the stars were gone, the mountains weren’t there, etc.. and same with the creatures.

At the end, I was glad to see familiar faces that I learned to love from the previous books.

2 thoughts on “The Last Battle Review

  1. Whoa, you read the whole Chronicles of Narnia in a month?! Congrats on finishing! I love The Last Battle and I really enjoyed reading your review!


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