Classic Mystery Prompt #3

This is another question by  Classic Remarks. This time, it was a little bit harder to answer.

 Why do you think people tend to ignore Shakespeare’s collaborators and speak as if Shakespeare always wrote alone?

Well, since this was dealing with Shakespeare I found a way to answer. I was close-minded to Shakespeare in high school, and still am ignoring him. It didn’t help that in high school, I didn’t want Shakespeare and Tragedy in my life so most likely was the most close-minded to Shakespeare’s tragedies. It was actually through Romeo and Juliet when I first discovered the genre of tragedy. Crazily enough, I still remember bits and pieces of that play.

I still am not the biggest fan of him.

2 thoughts on “Classic Mystery Prompt #3

  1. I used to not like Shakespeare at all! Later on, I realized it was because I, frankly, didn’t have very good English teachers in high school and they made Shakespeare really boring. A great college professor later showed me that I actually do love Shakespeare!


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