My Favorite Series and One I Hope to Eventually Read

As many readers know by now that I love fantasy. Believe it or not, the vast majority of fantasy I I love belong to series. Now, what exactly are some of them?

Ones I Love

Narnia- well, I have loved this series since I was a kid. Watched the movies and read the books. The world is amazing and filled with incredible characters. If I am to read the book (which I reread recently), I would start at Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe. It makes the series filled with a lot more wonder and curiosity.

Harry Potter- Just like Narnia, grew up on the series. I saw all the movies and read the books. I love this wizarding world- Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and Diagon Alley are some places I love. I love the trio- as in Harry, Ron, and Hermionione. There actually are a ton of characters I love, but the trio is what automatically comes to mind. I actually now know my Hogwarts House- Hufflepuff. I even have enjoyed the Fantastic Beasts series- Newt is in the same house I am in. I love all of the creatures (except for the creepy and scary ones) like Hippogrif, Phoenix., etc… I am actually planning to reread this series- I love the HP books I got for Christmas. It was a boxed set, and when you put the books in order, it looks like the Castle.

Lord of the Rings including The Hobbit- in a lot of ways, this series is like Harry Potter. Dark lords, the ring, the spider attacks, Sam/Frodo, and Merry/Pippin for instance. The two relationships I just finished are in some ways found in Harry Potter through other characters. I honestly think Rowling drew a lot of inspiration from Lord of the Rings. This series might be an amazing way to start fantasies in the adult section if you love Harry Potter. Still, start on The Hobbit. Even both of the books feels so different from each other- the world and some of the creatures.

Sister’s Grimm- Yes, I read this in either college or high school, but still loved the series. I really don’t remember why. I think it is kinda of Land of Stories were we meet familiar characters from past fairy tales.

Percy Jackson- this was the series that made me fall in love with mythology. I don’t fully remember why I love Percy Jackson, but I do remember it was a huge part of my middle school life.

Avalon- I love the relationship between Kara, Adrienne, and Emily. It feels so magical in so many ways. I even love some of the animals- Ozzie for example. Each of the girls bond really closely to one of the animals, but now don’t remember. I do remember Emily felt the closest to Ozzie. The girls each have a different magical power- Emily can heal for example. A lot of the magic is found through their stones. Yes, Kara can feel annoying first, but you slowly learn to love her as the series go on.

Land of Stories- I was surprised this was written by Chris Colfer, who was Kurt in Glee. I love the world he created. The two twins, Alex and Conner, are swept into The Land of Stories, which is a book. They meet a lot of fairy tale animals, we heard of before and we meet some new ones. Most of the new creatures are found in the books that Conner writes. Alex, who is a girl, really does love getting into fairy tales.

Shades of Magic- well, this was my favorite fantasy series from last year. If you love the city of London, different types of magic, character driven, fast-paced, and plots full of suspense and twists, will love this series. I love how V.E. Schwab actually crafted a new language, Arensian. That can be hard to accomplish. This series actually takes place during 18th century London- four parallel, but vastly different Londons. Kell is an incredible main character, who does have his flaws. I love his relationship to Lila, who acts as co-protagonist. I love Alucard Emery as well- you don’t meet him until the 2nd book.

SPOILERS: As for Holland, I disliked him for most of the series, but in the last book love his development. He actually becomes somewhat of a better person even though he had to die to destroy Osaron.

His Dark Materials- well, while I don’t agree with Phillip Pullman’s views on Christianity, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the series. It was the characters and the world that made me love them. What made me start wanting to read the series belonged to Lyra, who reminded me of Lila. The world was just incredible to see- I love the the North and some of the animals like Iorek Brinson. In this series, it is hard to know how to trust and who not to.

Series I Hope to Read:

At the moment, I only have one. I really want to read Nevermoor- not going to start until the 3rd book goes to paperback- I already own the first two. I was told that Harry Potter fans will love it, which made me want to eventually read the series.

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