Meet My Main Character in Tale of the Cattail Forest

Over at Maya Joelle, I found this kinda of tag, which I found rather interesting. So I decided to the same thing with Sparkle.

What To Know:

Introduce your MC. What’s their name? Age? Appearance (Sharing colleges/inspiration photos emerged

For starter’s my main character is Sparkle, a Fairy Frog. Like all Fairy Frogs, she has translucent wings with a gold trim- all the wings have some color, and for Sparkle it belongs to magenta. She has these incredible blue eyes, which sparkle incredible in the sun- that is where her name comes from. In addition, like all Fairy Frogs, she is spring green. She is only 12, and like all Fairy Frogs, deeply compassionate, clever, and naturally gifted in the arts- her main talent is in drawing.

In terms of what she wears, it usually is a multi-colored beret and has a sparkly gold and silver sparkly backpack with a pink S in the center. That backpack is where she stores a lot of her drawing supplies.

Explain how your MC fits into the plot of your book (as best you can without spoiling it all…)

That can be difficult since they are the main character. Well, she is also adventurous, courageous, rebellious, and stubborn. She does end up in a forbidden place, which eventually leads to an incredible friendship.Due to how invested she is in drawing, she ends up drawing something there, and she keeps on going back in order to finish it. She meets Marge there, and that encounter is very important for the story.

What’s the first thing your MC says in the story? The Last? A random quote from the middle that you like? Please be aware this only in the 5th draft.

First line- Misty, it’s you. Ready for what

Last line- Not exactly. As far as I know, our pebbles have been for painting and carving and not for necklaces

A random quote-  

“Sparkle, what are you doing here?” 

“Drawing. We are allowed to do our craft outside of Fairy Creek”

“Nothing matters now.” 

“I believe you had a rough relationship with your father, who caused you a lot of pain.” 

“You wouldn’t understand, you are only twelve”. Sarge did not understand. How did Sparkle know something about this past. 

“Yes I would. I heard what you said to Norg about never mentioning your father. That is how I figured it out.” Sarge could not believe Sparkle heard him say that. It was true. Sarge did not like anyone to mention his father. 

“My cousin gets everything. Maybe I deserve to get nothing, right? My father hated me, my mother left us, my father mistreated me”. Talking about his past made Sarge start to cry. Sparkle saw this, and realized just how much Sarge’s past caused him to become who he was today. Sarge did not know love, compassion or how to control his anger. 

“If your father mistreated you, did that give you a right to mistreat others, especially Marge, your cousin?” 

“It felt that way”. 

“Sarge, definitely not. Fairy Frogs channel our emotions into our art,” said Sparkle. “Look, I may have been raised by a loving family, but I have made a ton of mistakes. Now, my best friend is mad at me. I had ended up going against Aries and lied to both of them. I broke rules when I left Fairy Creek when I wasn’t supposed to, and that rescue mission broke a ton of rules”. 

Which other character would die for your MC?

Well, probably not in the story. However, I think I know you might years later. I believe it would be Misty considering the fact that she is already very protective of Sparkle. They are still 12 after all- that is why I said later.

Would your MC die for them?

I don’t think so.

Have any major details about your MC changed since you first created them?

Yes, she did. But if I said, I would risk spoiling. However, I do know the appearance of the Fairy Frogs did change over time- I originally didn’t know their color or that they would have translucent wings.

What characters (from books/movies not by you) remind you of your MC? Why?

Honestly, I don’t know.

Share your MC’s favorites! – color, food, type of clothing, place, type of music, season, smell 

Color- this is tough. I automatically thought it would be blue. But, honestly think it would be a rainbow of colors. She is extremely invested in drawing that she would love a number of colors.

Food- don’t really know at the moment

Clothing- it would be her multi-colored backpack. It is sparkly gold and silver with a pink S in the middle. It holds all her drawing supplies.

Place- most likely the Disney-Shapped Gazebo

Type of Music- really don’t know.

Season- this would be tough for Sparkle. She loves drawing anything really. In Fairy Creek, you grow up with the profession you were born with. In Sparkle’s case, it still would be drawer. Sparkle is extremely into her craft.

Smelll- Don’t know either

If your MC wasn’t involved in your story, what would they be doing? (Basically: what’s their dream life? Where do they want to live, what do they want to do?)

Well, Sparkle probably would be drawing in The Cattail Forest. She is a drawer by nature, and very invested in it.

Share a fun extra (another collage, a playlist, a scene from the story, a drawing, etc. And… a random scene from the story!

“Sarge, look who has just arrived”, said Darcy.


“Well, Sarge, Tweetsie was the one who realized the toads were missing and told me. I woke up the others, and we started on this rescue mission”, said Sparkle. 


“Well, Fairy Frogs are clever, I figured it out”, said Sparkle. 

“That’s enough, you will pay.” 

“Don’t, Sarge”, said Marge. The moment Sarge said those words, Marge was able to get free. She was not going to let her cousin hurt Sparkle or any of her new friends. 

“Sarge, you have become too much like your father”, said Norg. 

“NEVER MENTION MY FATHER, AGAIN”, said Sarge. Sarge ended up shoving Norg in the mud and threw a couple of rocks at him for saying that. Sparkle began to wonder something. Was Sarge’s father part of the reason why Sarge was such a bully? Why did he have to yell to Norg about him? Soon enough, all of the toads were free, and Claude, Darcy, and Felipe made sure Sarge was not going to attack them. 

“Marge. D0 you know anything about your uncle?” 

“Why do you ask?” said Marge. 

“Sarge yelled to Norg, “never mention my father again.” Sparkle asked this about him after leaving the Bog. 

“You think Sarge had a rough childhood?” 

“Yes, why else would he yell those words to Norg?”

“Good point. I don’t know much. Here’s what I do know. My father wouldn’t allow my uncle to be in my life. I was never around him.”

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