I Should Have Read That Tag

I found this tag over at One Book More, and think I should attempt to do it.

The Questions:

A Book that a Certain Friend is Always telling You to read? I wouldn’t exactly say friend. In terms of people, it is usually my dad, who recommends to me- as in the classics. I would say Tess of the d’Urbervilles- my dad recommended it me because I already fell in love with another Thomas Hardy book.

A Book That’s been on your TBR list Forever and Yet you Still haven’t Read it? I am gonna cheat a little bit here. There actually has been a book that I already finished and loved, which took me a while to start reading. It was A Darker Shade of Magic- it took a number of years until I decided to read it (I had the book). I think A Darker Shade of Magic choose the right year- literally after one paragraph, I decided to read the entire series.

Below is the entire series

A Book in a Series You’ve started, but Haven’t Gotten around to Finishing? Well, does it count if it is an upcoming series I still haven’t read. So far, I finished all the series I have the full series of. I know that some series are still in part of the future- my first thought was Nevermoor, which I wanted to read since last year. Originally thinking it was a trilogy, but learned it would be 9 books.

A Classic You’ve Always Liked the Sound of, but Have never Actually read? Sound of doesn’t make sense to me. In terms of Sound, it in some ways are like books that were written by authors I read. There are a couple Dickens books I still need to read- Hard Times comes next.

A Popular Book that it seems Everyone but You has Read? Well, technically this belongs to series I don’t like after seeing the films. I know Hunger Games, Twilight, and Peculiar Children were never read. Just didn’t like the films fo various reason- either too grotesque, vampires, and too creepy.

A Book that inspired a Film/TV Adaptation that you really Love, But just Haven’t Picked up Yet? Well, this is To Kill a Mockingbird. However, I feel asleep during most of the movie, but what I saw interested me. To Kill a Mockingbird it planing to be a 2021 read.

A Book you See all Over Instagram, but Haven’t picked up Yet? I think I might change Instagram for either the blogosphere or constantly seeing in the bookstore. Still haven’t read many YA books- so haven’t read authors like Kristen Brand (heard about that series a lot). The other book belongs in The House in the Gerluean Sea. I have seen it on both the blogosphere and in bookstores a lot.


Yes, I did cheat a bit on some of these, but knew that was the only way to answer them.

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