Meet my Antagonist in Tale of the Cattail Forest

After seeing see the main character on  Maya Joelle, I couldn’t refuse. Today, I decided what if I did the opposite- as in my antagonist. I feel like that might be a good idea to do. In a way, I created a new tag.

What To Know: 

Introduce your antagonist. What’s their name? Age? Appearance (Sharing colleges/inspiration photos emerged:

Well, my antagonist is Sarge, who is 17. When it comes to the toads, they are a darker grey green then the females. Sarge has black eyes and has permanent scars, which were caused by his father. In addition, he is the darkest color in the story.

Explain how your antagonist fits into the plot of your book (as best you can without spoiling it all…)

his main goal in in the book is to break up the friendships found between the Fairy Frogs and Toads especially towards the Marge and Sparkel’s friendship. He keeps on trying to find ways to prevent both of them, but he isn’t as clever as the Fairy Frogs.

What’s the first thing your antagonist says in the story? The Last? A random quote from the middle that you like? Please be aware this only in the 5th draft.

1st quote- Hey, what a very ugly drawing

Last quote– Has any Fairy Frog made them

Ranom quote

“Sarge, that’s enough on all of this”, said Aries.

“Aries, but I.” 

“No more buts.” 

“Marge is here, but no unkindness.” 

“Sarge, to get to her, you have to get through all of us first”, said Sparkle. Sparkle, Misty, Darcy, Felipe, Misty, Celeste, and Tweetsie were making sure that Sarge could not hurt Marge. 

“Sparkle, no one understands you stink rats.”

“That was insulting. We are not rats, we are frogs”, said Sparkle. Tweetsie and Misty took Marge away from all of this. Sparkle and Celeste did not know what to do. He almost needed to get kicked out. Marge was being protected more than ever. 

“Sarge, you caused such a commotion”, said Sparkle.

“But, but, it wouldn’t have happened if you Fairy Frogs didn’t start this mess in the first place”, said Sarge.

“MESS, Sarge, you caused the mess.”

“No, you guys did.” 

“First you mistreated the toads and then you mistreated us. I am the one who showed compassion.”

“You are the worst Fairy Frog here.” 

“Leave her alone”, said Celeste. Sarge ended up kicking a couple of rocks at Celeste for saying that. Aries disliked seeing everything that was going on. Norg had warned Sparkle about Sarge, but he was not expecting a commotion to happen. Sparkle was afraid of what the future held for Marge and the toads. She was also afraid for her and the Fairy Frogs. Sarge had offended her friends, and he wanted to breakup a beautiful friendship. ‘

Which other character would die for your antagonist?

I have to confess that no would die for Sarge.

Would your antagonist die for them?

Same answer- no one would die for my antagonist.

Have any major details about you antagonist changed since you first created them?

Yes, Sarge changed a lot, and in my opinion he changed a lot more than my main character. For starters, he and Marge became cousins, and that finally made me think of an amazing backstory for Sarge. Their two fathers were born into a loving family, but only one of them became an amazing father. Marge had a loving father, and couldn’t understand what happened to Sarge’s father.

Unfortunately, Sarge was born into the wrong family. For starters, his mother left him when he was four, which left him with an abusive and cruel father. At the time, his father was leader of the Toads, and Sarge was next in line to became leader. The abuse on Sarge started on words alone and eventually the abuse became a lot more physical to point of physical scars. At age age 13, his father left him, and oddly Sarge became leader. He had a lot of physical and emotional scars. Sarge only had one place of comfort growing up, which was on The Bog. His father never knew where The Bog was so Sarge had a way to get away from the abuse. He made The Bog a playground of sorts- such as making mud pie, and sliding down things.

He made Graysloup even worse and even more lonely. His easiest target was on Marge, which made her fully aware of how lonely Graysloup, which made me her full of a lot of wisdom. Sarge fully couldn’t understand compassion, love, or kindness. Giving Sarge a tragic and heartbreaking past made him a better antagonist. Here is one thing I know that readers may not know- the fact that he had nightmares both in his past and currently: the nightmares are what makes things worse and worse, and they were actually real memories.

What characters (from books/movies not by you) remind you of your antagonist? Why?

This is actually difficult. I am aware of other characters who have abusive pasts, but don’t remind me of Sarge.

Share your antagonist’s favorites! – color, food, type of clothing, place, type off music, season, smell 

Color-hmmm, really don’t know

Food- have no idea

Type of Clothing- well, the Toads don’t wear clothing. I think most likely some dark color such as brown, black, etc…..

Place- The Bog

Type of Music- honestly have no clue

Season- I still don’t know

Smelll- hmmm, this is difficult.

If your antagonist wasn’t involved in your story, what would they be doing? (Basically: what’s their dream life? Where do they want to live, what do they want to do?)

It would be spoiling for I told you- so if you want SPOILING, I would tell you something. At the end of the story, he does get a real father-figure in his life thanks to Sparkle. Aries is already an incredible leader and uncle. I thinking perhaps he would help abusive children later in life, but would still be struggling with his past- this dream job might help him some. Aries could easy be there due to knowing Darcy could handle things well in Fairy Creek- after all Darcy is next in line to be leader.

Share a fun extra (another collage, a playlist, a scene from the story, a drawing, etc. And… a random scene from the story!

So far, can only share a random scene.- wanted it to be a Sarge scene.

“NORG, Come here this instant”, screamed Sarge. Norg did not like the sound of that voice. He did not want to approach Sarge. He knew Sarge was very angry with him. He knew he neglected his duty that Sarge asked of him. How can he come? Norg decided to come anyways. 

“Sarge, I….”, said Norg

“Norg, how dare you”,.

“This all started because of your mistreatment towards the toads.” 

“You betrayed me, you didn’t do your job.” 

“Sarge, I…I don’t know if I can do this much longer.” 

“Oh yes, you will”. 

“Don’t you realize how happy those toads are”, exclaimed Norg. “Not just Marge”. 

“I don’t care. You were supposed to tell me. I saw them earlier. You were supposed to tell me.”“Sarge, enough”. Norg stormed out on Sarge. He never saw Sarge that angry. He was demanding that he continue being his spy

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