Last Ten Books Tagged Tag

I was tagged by marietoday for the Last Teen Books Tag. I was hard to refuse and hard to think of answers for this. However, I thought it would be to do.


It seems as if there wasn’t, except for answering the questions

The Questions

Last Book I Gave Up On– I never gave up on a book, but did give up on series. Can a series count? Well, I did read Queen of the Tearling, but it felt like nothing happened exactly. However, really loved the last part of the book- as in when I saw magic happening through the crystal. I probably would have continued if the magic happened a lot sooner. T

Last Book I Re-Read– that belongs to The Last Battle. In the entire month of January, I re-read the entire Narnia series. Even if you never read the series or first time, I would request starting on Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe. The Last Battle is the final book in the Narnia series..

Last Book I Bought– Can’t it be two, and in addition not counting my kindle books. I am talking more about physical books. It actually was the first two Nevermoor books- only two because the 3rd wasn’t on paperback yet. So I ended up buying the books physically because I still had money left over from my Barnes & Noble gift card.

Here is what I usually do- buy the 1st book just to see if I would love the series, but wasn’t the case for Nevermoor. I already have a really strong feeling I will love Nevermoor- based on recommendations from book bloggers and that the first book said Harry Potter fans will love it.

In addition, once I buy a series in physical form, the rest do.

Last Book I Said I Read, But I Didn’t– I think this might belong to To Kill a Mockingbird. I watched the movie and enjoyed what I was seeing. However, feel asleep during part of the movie. That happened last year- so it is on hold on Libby (so have to wait).

Last Book I Wrote in the Margins Of– Well, I do underline some books, but not all. In terms of margains, most likely it was Les Miséraables, which was my favorite cover.

Last Book That I Had Signed– Well, I NEVER tend to ask for an autograph. However, a church friend did. There was a signing event at church, which I didn’t go to. Gregory McGuire was there with Wicked, and she got the book signed and Gregory also decided to draw a picture of Elphaba, who is my favorite musical theatre character.

Despite not liking the book, I still loved the signature and character.

Last Book I Lost– I have never lost a book. Usually the books I don’t like tend to be given away.

Last Book I Had to Replace– I never replaced a book.

Last Book I Argued Over– I feel like a couple of books can fit under this category. I am going to repeat myself here- To Kill a Mockingbird. It took from high school past college to just a few years old, for my parents to convince me to read it.

Last year was when I finally watched the movie (the black and white version). I was enjoying part of it, but fell asleep during most off it. Watching the movie was what finally convinced me to. That is the next book I hope to read.

Last Book You Couldn’t Find– This usually happens when I couldn’t find it on the kindle or physically. I don’t know the full name: I know it starts with Tripio, but don’t know the rest.

It is too expensive to buy on the kindle and physically.

My nomineses- I think anyone reading this post should do this tag. Can apply to any bookworm. If you found this book tag fun, then you should do it.

4 thoughts on “Last Ten Books Tagged Tag

  1. That’s so cool that Gregory McGuire drew a picture of Elphaba in your book. She is also my favorite character from the musical. I attempted to read the Wicked novel (ebook) but I put it down after a few chapters. I now own the book so maybe I’ll try again. I enjoyed this tag. I might try to do it soon.


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