Classic Memory Prompt #4

  This is another prompt given by Classic Remarks. Yes, I skipped last week, but decided to do the one given for today. Who are some of your favorite classic couples? Here me out on this- I struggle with finding couples in books.

My Favorite Classic Couples:

Levin and Kitty- well, this couple is what me get through Anna Karenina. I really was enjoying the Levin and Kitty subplot even though I didn’t know why.

Marius and Cosette- yes, this is an unpopular opinion in both the musical and book. I have learned to love them a lot love over the years. So, why do I love this couple? For starters, I love both characters especially Marius.These two characters bring hope to this tragedy. People always say Cosette is boring, and that Marius is a jerk. That is so not true- Marius is flawed and deals with a lot. Marius is kind to Eponine, even she wouldn’t say that Marius is kind.

Marius is more complex then he appears. Look, Marius is kind, sweet, brave, and awkward. That awkwardness makes Marius even more charming- that is the newest characteristic I found in him. He now is almost a core favorite character. Yes, in the book and musical, some of his relationships are a little different. These two characters are so adorable, which really shows through Jillian Butler and Joshua Grosso. I got to see them twice ( 2017 and 2019), and Joshua treats falling in love with Cosette like “I don’t know what to do”, and in “A Little Fall of Rain”, he treats Eponine with a lot of compassion and waits till the end to show his heartbreak. There are reasons why those actors are my favorite Marius and Cosette pairing and individually.

Who else loves Marius and Cosette as a couple

4 thoughts on “Classic Memory Prompt #4

  1. Thanks for participating in Classic Remarks this week! Marius and Cosette can be an unpopular couple, but I think if the actress plays Cosette with a bit of spark, that can make a world of difference!


    • Jillian Butler made a huge difference- her pairing with Joshua Grosso was incredible. They remain my favorite pairing and individually. They were so adorable together- due to Joshua Grosso’s Marius, it made me examine them even further.

      I got the advantage of seeing them twice- 2017 and 2019 (they were still part of the US Tour).

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      • Well- I actually saw five of the actors twice in the same role in person. Matt Singledecker, like Joshua, was a standout. Matt played Enjolras- don’t know why he stood out

        However——I really want to mention Mary Kate Moore. She was in the US Tour in the beginning starting as ensemble/US Fantine and eventually secured the role as Fantine. I actually saw her move up from ensemble (2017) to Fantine (2019). Actors like her are important.

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