The Disney Character Book Tag

I got blogged by Maya Joelle for The Disney Blogger Book Tag.

⟡ rules ⟡ 

  • link back to the tag’s creator
  • link back to the person who tagged you (both of these rules point you to Maya Joelle)
  • pick 10-12 of your favorite Disney characters
  • choose which of your cast of characters (from your current or a former WIP) reminds you of those princesses and tell us why
  • tag 4-7 other people
  • (optional) use the graphic Emily created for the tag (above)

*Note: Emily told me I could use Marvel characters too, And I took that to mean Star Wars counts as well*

I decided to pick main characters from my WIPs and match each to a Disney character- so will not be able to use 10-12 of my main characters.

The Questions- Not going to be 10-12

Sparkle (Moana)- Like Moana, she doesn’t well to authority, stubborn, adventurous, and courageous

Lizzy (Rapunzel)- Lizzy is a very adventurous and curious Lizard. She loves exploring her Citrus Farm, which eventually caused her to climb onto the red truck, which started many of her adventures in the US. She really loved going those adventures despite knowing she eventually needs to back home.

Aurora (Aurora)- Funnily, she is similar to her Princess counterpart. Aurora is naive, innocent, and stubborn. Mali means a lot to her- the final doll her mom made her, which resembles her princess- the dress somehow can change to pink and blue and it does have sequins and beads on it, which her sister put on. Mali is named after Maleficent.

Jasmine (Belle)- Just like Belle, she loves protecting her family. She is fiercely protective of Aurora especially after their parents died in a car crash. Unfortunately, both twins were part of that car crash. Yes, they were young when they learned to do things like sewing, beading, among other artsy things. I would not be surprised if she would love reading sewing book and later in life maybe knitting books—she would love reading those kind of books the most. They were born into an artsy and Disney-loving family.

I tag any Disney fan (if you don’t write books—use literary characters instead)

1 thought on “The Disney Character Book Tag

  1. Aww, this is a cute tag! I love its concept! I don’t know what I would say for my characters, though… I’d never thought about which Disney characters they remind me of!


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