My Struggle with Epilepsy

One thing people may not know about me is that I have disabilities. I am on the spectrum and epilepsy. Between the two, I struggle the most with epilepsy. Epilepsy is not something good to have. Lots of struggles come out of it. I decided to talk about those struggles today, which are similar to people dealing with neurological and mental disorder.

The first is when you actually have a seizure.. Those are not fun- you usually are never aware. After one, you tend to be sleepy and might say things that are just weird.

Another struggle belongs to getting EEG’s. I am kinda of tired of those. I really don’t like them, and some of being in a video EEG- that would staying in a hospital for about a week You might have other tests to take- ones’ that are not an EEG.

Well, one of the biggest battles is the meds- as in not working. I am dealing with that now. Results have been stumbling, wobbling, and tiredness. In my case, it is even worse- yes, I have the three I just just, but my legs are hurting and my feet don’t want to move. The wobbliness came to a point where I can barely keep my balance. I actually left my neurologist puzzled- at a lot (from the source and the meds).. My seizures appear to be deep in the brain: reasons why an EEG can’t pick up on it.

Lots of emotions come with this. Anger, fear, stress, and uncertainty are just some of them- some of the same ones are similar to those with mental illness. I actually relate to the characters in Rent due to my epilepsy- some of the emotions are the same. Yes, it is a different illness, but the emotions are very much the same.

Having epilepsy makes it hard finding a job or living on your own. That is part of why I am still living with my family. I do have a job coach, but having to slow down a bit. My blog helps a lot- it is an outlook for me.

I do have some escapes from it—–they mostly belong volunteering and going to musical theatre. As a matter fact, going to musicals is is the biggest escape I have. I really can understand what it is going on- learned that from several years of going and taking theater classes at university-I am a theater minor after all. Despite musical theatre being my biggest escape, it is not where my calling is. I actually strongly believe it is helping those living in poverty.

19 thoughts on “My Struggle with Epilepsy

  1. Thanks for writing this post! I definitely learned a lot, and I’m glad to have read it. I hope that the medication difficulties get figured out soon and that things get better! Wishing you all the best!


  2. Thanks for sharing your story Meg. I too have epilepsy had it since I was 10 months old. It’s difficult at work when having memory issues and keeping the job. I think more needs taught and made aware of epilepsy.


      • Music is a great peace maker for me. But my escape is nature. I can’t believe it but my sister and I use to play in the woods as kids. There’s a creek not to far away we use to go catch minnows and crawfish. Just think about the days back in the 80s and 90s when things were so much simpler. I really miss those days.


      • I actually am a mountain person. Love walking on Greenways and going on hikes. Living in North Carolina makes it easy to access mountains.

        As a matter of fact, one of my hometown’s Greenways inspired my first WIP.

        I actually have more than one escape. I only said musical theatre is my biggest escape. Not that it is the only one- other escapes: nature and reading are others


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