Exciting Blumenthal News

Usually, I hear about their upcoming season in March. But, it showed up two days ago. This is a really exciting season. I was surprised the season was announced in February. What I was looking forward to in March decided to show up in February.

My Overall Season:

  1. Hadestown- the beginning of the season
  2. 1776
  3. Ain’t too Proud: Life and Time of the Temptations
  4. Hamilton
  5. To Kill a Mockingbird
  6. Mean Girls
  7. Frozen
  8. Anastasia


  1. Wicked
  2. Rent
  3. An Officer and a Gentleman
  4. Pretty Woman
  5. Hamilton
  6. Potted Potter
  7. Jesus ChristSuperstar

I was surprised Hamilton showed up in the overall series and in the extras. A lot of the upcoming season belonged to the musicals that got postponed in Charlotte. A lot of Blumenthal’s touring shows belong to the musicals that got postponed during the pandemic.


Hadestown, Frozen, and Anastasia are the top shows I really wanted to see. Frozen and Anastasia got postponed due to the pandemic–so it was nice seeing the two of them back. I wanted to see Anastasia due to the five songs I fell in love with. Those particular songs made me learn more abut Ayra and Dimitri and maybe starting to love them as characters. Yes, I saw the animated film, and in my opinion believe the stage show will be better.

A number of things helped with the Frozen postponement——–from watching both animated movies, finally owning the Frozen II movie, and eventually owning the Original Broadway Soundtrack. This is something I am looking forward to- the virtual Reunion of the Original Broadway Cast of Frozen. For me, it was Frozen that left me the biggest disappointed.

I really really wanted Hadestown to come to Charlotte. this year. Turns out that it would come to Charlotte. I have been wanting to see Hadestown since it swept the Tonys. Ever since hearing it was based off of a Greek Myth made me more fascinated. I mainly listened to “Wait for Me”—-I want to be surprised by the other songs. So finally, I am having the chance to see Hadestown. Hadestown actually is the first musical of the upcoming seasons.

Of the other musicals, Wicked is the one I want to see the most. However, I wouldn’t mind if that musical got skipped. Due to already seeing it four times, skipping it wouldn’t matter.

7 thoughts on “Exciting Blumenthal News

  1. Looks like you’ve got a pretty nice season coming around! Hopefully everything goes smoothly and you can see the shows you want to see! I just looked, and apparently Hadestown doesn’t currently have a stop planned for a city near me. Hopefully they add one soon; it’s a show I’ve been wanting to see for a while!


    • Yes we do——–a lot of those musicals belonged to the postponed shows of last year.

      Hadestown, Wicked, Frozen, and Anastasia are the musicals I look forward to..

      By the way, do you know your upcoming season yet?


      • Yeah, I checked a little earlier and it looks like it’s going to be:
        1) Jesus Christ Superstar
        2) Mean Girls
        3) My Fair Lady
        4) Anastasia
        5) The Band’s Visit
        6) Beautiful: The Carole King Musical
        7) Pretty Woman
        8) Hamilton


      • I’m probably looking forward to Anastasia and The Band’s Visit the most! I’d love to see Anastasia if I could get tickets, and I remember hearing a little about The Band’s Visit in the past, so I’ve been thinking that might be an interesting one!


    • Getting Frozen and Anastasia is really exciting especially considering the fact that they were both postponed. Think I am more excited about them coming then last year.

      Hadestown was a show I really wanted to get this year- been fascinated by it since it swept the Tonys


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