Coco Memorial

Just about a day ago, my family lost our family dog. I found some pictures of her on my photos. Loved her as a dog- she was truly a lap dog and did sleep with me. She loved snuggling up in blankets. She was a black maltipoo and lived till she was 16. I had her for basically a lot of my life. We had her since 2004- a few years after moving to Charlotte.

Coco had an amazing life and stayed a healthy dog. She did die naturally- as in no illnesses or getting the shot. Below are some pictures with Coco. I remember when she was younger running circles around our yard. Another thing I loved are her Zoomies up and down the upstair hallway. It does include pictures when I was younger- loved that some of them were part of these pictures.

I loved it when she literally looked like a stuffed animal. I literally had her for most of my life. She will be the dog I will remember growing up. My last picture I had with her was with “This Girl Loves Christmas” photo. I will miss her lots. Seeing some things connected are difficult.

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