My Favorite Non-Romance Duets

When people think of duets in musicals, romance automatically comes to mind. However, duets go beyond romance. There are antagonist/protagonists, family, friends, death, etc…also are in the musical theatre world. They will be sorted by musical. Now, what are some of my favorite non-romantic duets?

Non-Romantic Duets

  1. Impossible
  2. Come to Me
  3. A Little Fall of Rain
  4. Confrontation
  5. Santa Fe (Prologue)
  6. For Good
  7. No Matter What
  8. Phantom of the Opera
  9. The Mirror (Angel of Music)
  10. Point of No Return
  11. What you Own
  12. A Little Bit of You- from Frozen

There is a chance I missed some.

What songs can you add to this?

1 thought on “My Favorite Non-Romance Duets

  1. A lot of these are favorites of mine, too! Most of the ones I would add are from German language musicals. “Der Prinz ist fort” from Mozart!, “Mama, wo bist du?” and “Rudolf, wo bist du?” from Elisabeth. Those are the ones that come to mind for now!


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