Classic Mystery Prompt #7

This is another question by Classic Remarks. Should high school readers be assigned classic books that were originally written for an adult audience?

I never really thought of this.Yes, I read tough reads in high school, and most of them were classics. High school students should read these adult books- what if they find an author they love or a book they enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Classic Mystery Prompt #7

  1. I do think there are two sides to the debate. A lot of people focus on how they hated reading books in high school– but a lot of people also ENJOYED reading the chosen books. Or maybe they didn’t enjoy them at the time but the challenge was still valuable to them.


  2. Hmm… this is an interesting question! I think that there’s definitely value in having kids read these books, but I think that it might be a nice idea for more teachers to gather a selection of classics that maybe handle similar themes and allow students to pick the ones that they are more interested in. While I did enjoy a lot of the books I had to read in high school, I think that a lot of people would probably be more open to the idea of classics if they had more of a choice of what they read.


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