Liebster Award- Yes, Another

Crazily, this award didn’t come with rules. I have no idea where I found this award, but I was willing to answer the questions.

  1. Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names? Not anymore. Ever since 2004, I had a black maltipoo named Coco. Sadly, this month she crossed the Rainbow Bride. There are pictures below.

2. What was the last book you hated/strongly disliked? I think this belongs to Anna Karenina. Yes, I should have not even finished it- I should have stopped in the middle. However, one subplot kept me going- I enjoyed the Levin/Kitty subplot that I decided to continue.

3. What is your favourite afternoon snack? Usually a cereal bar- I love apple-cinnamon and blueberry the most.

4. Do you prefer new movies or old movies? I am a combo of the two meaning I love both old and new movies. In terms of musical movies, some of my favorites were old movies- as in Sound of Music (+other Rodgers and Hamerstein), Singing in the Rain, White Christmas for example. In terms of newer musical movies, I love Les Mis, Frozen, Greatest Showman, Live action Aladdin, and live action Beauty and The Beast.

Yes, down below I have pictures from movies I didn’t mention.

5. What are some of the non-musical movies I love? That belongs to George C Scott’s “A Christmas Carol”, Maleficent, Cinderella (2015- meaning the Lily James one), Zootopia, The newest Trilogy of Star Wars, Narnia, and Harry Potter.

6. Do you have a favourite superhero? Well, I don’t like Marvel.

7. If you had to write a retelling of a classic novel, which one would you pick? Boy, this is tough. For starters, I struggle with even reading retellings- they make me so nervous. However, I really loved Spinning Silver (Rumplstillskin)- it felt so original in many ways.

I really would struggle with choosing a classic book for a retelling.

8. Yes, I choose a book from January. Best book you’ve read this month? Best book- I am thinking maybe the entire Chronicles of Narnia series.

9. What is your favourite book to movie adaption? I actually decided to choose Princess Bride- loved it for years and still not tired of it. Love both the book and movie- the only thing I don’t like about the book is that the chapters are way too long. It helped already seeing the movie- I was able to guess when certain events would happen.

If could spend a day in any time period, which would you choose? Never really though of this

10. Tea or coffee? Coffee- I love having mocha mistos in the morning. I also love getting to a coffee shop when I can- Starbucks and Amelie’s for example. The book that is pictured below- I would recommend for coffee lovers, Starbucks lovers, and those who hope to start a business.

11. And finally, how much sleep do you get on average? I would say maybe 6-8 hrs

Due to not knowing where I found this post, I leave this tag open to anyone.

My Questions:

  1. If you were to spend time with a favorite literary character, who would you choose and why?
  2. If you were to spend time with a musical theatre character, who would you choose and why?
  3. What fictional location would you want to live in- can be picked from books or musicals?
  4. Which was the most recent series you fell in love with?
  5. Which was the most recent standalone you fell in love with?
  6. What was one of your favorite books outside of your favorite genres of books?
  7. Would you rather go out for a cup of coffee or a cup of tea?
  8. What is your favorite way to read a book (physical, ebook, or audible)
  9. What was the most recent musical you watched in person?
  10. Once you can see a musical in person (as in an actual theater), what musical would you want to see?
  11. What are some musicals that never leaves “your to be watched list”

1 thought on “Liebster Award- Yes, Another

  1. It was so fun to read your answers to the questions! Here are my answers to yours:
    1) This is tough… I’m not entirely sure. Right now, I’m thinking that maybe I’d choose someone like Bilbo from The Hobbit. I just think he might be a fun and interesting person to spend a day with.
    2) I think I’d choose Raoul. I think it would be really interesting to have a conversation with him.
    3) Recently, I’ve been thinking it might be really interesting to live in Middle Earth.
    4) Hmm, this is tough! Recently, I just don’t read all that many series. I guess I’d go with the Stranje House series that I started reading a few years ago.
    5) Not sure… maybe My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand, Jodi Meadows, and Brodi Ashton. It’s technically a part of a series, but all of the books in the series deal with different characters and storylines, making them also work as standalones.
    6) I’ll go with The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman for this one! I don’t really know which genre in particular I’d put this one, but it’s definitely not from a genre that I read a lot of.
    7) I like both coffee and tea, but probably drink more coffee than tea. So probably coffee! Unless it’s the summertime… then maybe I’d opt for tea.
    8) I prefer physical books. I’m okay with ebooks, but I would probably prefer a physical book most of the time.
    9) I think that, for me, that would probably be Wicked.
    10) I’d love to see Les Misérables again, but I’d also really love to see Hadestown since I haven’t been able to see it yet.
    11) Les Misérables!


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