February 2021 in Review

February wasn’t the best of months. But I will try to put down some highlights. February was in some ways a sad month despite highlights.


Well, one of the thing I loved doing was the Virtual Original Broadway Frozen Reunion. Thinking of Frozen, I spent pretty much every day listening to the soundtrack.

Connecting to Musicals belongs to Blumenthal Performing Arts. Guess what- they are going to have an upcoming season. That made me so excited when I learned that. I will only talk about those I most excited for. Blumenthal’s season is literally pretty much all the postponed shows due to the pandemic.

Blumenthal has been largely acknowledged for their safety and cleaning procedures. One of the reasons why Belk and Ovens are able to return. Belk and Ovens are the theaters musicals tour to.

Hadestown– really wanted to see this musical since 2019. I kept on waiting for a US Tour. Charlotte is actually one of the first cities to get Hadestown.

Wicked- Yes, if I see it, I would have be going a 5th time. This time I want to go with a best friend from college. A graduation present I promised her last year. But wouldn’t be the end of the world if I don’t see this musical- after all, already saw it four times. Wicked was one of the postponed shows due to the pandemic.

Frozen– Loved seeing this on the schedule a lot. Last year, already had tickets for, but it got postponed. I can’t wait to see how they show Elsa’s powers- true I saw magic on stage before, but I feel like this is quite different. I fell in love with the Broadway Soundtrack- there are two main things I am bummed about- “For the First Time in Forever (Reprise”) and “True Love” are no longer in the musicals- seriously, that never should have happened especially with “True Love”. Been wanting to see Frozen since it opened on Broadway.

Anastasia– Another musical that got postponed. I fell in love with five songs, which led me to want to see the stage show.


Well, I didn’t finish a single book in February. All I did was finish House of Many Ways on the 1st of February. I did get to start two books- The Yellow-Lighted Bookstore and Harbor on the Starless Sea (one physically and one on the Kindle). I thought I would finish at least one of them- but at least I got them started.

Highlights that Don’t fit Under a Particular name

I loved going to Pineville, which in my opinion is part of Charlotte, for one of the days. I found a coffee shop I really enjoyed- I was able to sit down. One of the enjoyments of a coffee shop is sitting down in the store.

Later we went a park, where my dad and I found a bench to settle down in. The lake that was in the park reminded me on Gardner Webb’s lake. Due to it being difficult to walk at times due to Epilepsy is why I wanted to find somewhere to sit down in the park.

Not so Good times- Not Highlights

Yes, I did say February was a sad month. Part was Epilepsy problems and part was sadness in the entire family. I really dislike saying this, but our 16-yr- old black Malitpoo crossed the Rainbow Bridge in February- her name was Coco. I thought to include some pictures of her.

So February was a difficult month despite some highlights.

5 thoughts on “February 2021 in Review

  1. I’m so in love with Anastasia. I remember when I was doing my study abroad programme in the US, I spent an absolute fortune on an Anastasia ticket because they only had limited availability so I had to snag what I could get. It was so worth it though and I would 100% recklessly spend my money on that show again haha! I’m sorry February was a rough month for you, but it’s nice you were able to reflect on some of the more positive things. Hopefully things will start looking up for you in March 🙂


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