Favorite Relationships in Musicals

When I am referring to relationships in this post, it is not romance. I am even aware some of my favorites are unpopular opinions. So, what are some of mine?

Rent Friends

I love this community of friends. They literally feel like family despite some of the struggles they face. They are a unique group of characters.


This is another group of friends that feels like family. They have a strong brotherly love for each other. They have a cause (the strike) they truly believe in and are passionate about. They never give up.

Jack and Crutchie

Thinking of Newsies, I really love the best friendship between Jack and Crutchie. It is such an intimate and special bond. While Jack would do anything to protect his brothers, he would do the most for Crutchie. Jack and Crutchie are my favorite Newsies.

Friends of the ABC

The Friends of the ABC are parallel to the Newsies. Both share a brotherly love that feel like family. In addition, both groups have a cause they strongly believe in, but the result is different. The students stay passionate to the end even when they know they are going to die.

Valjean and Cosette

One of my favorite moments in Les Mis is when Valjean promises Fantine he will raise Cosette. The moment Valjean rescues Cosette is incredible, but a bit heartbreaking at the same time. Cosette made a huge impression on Valjean. That is what I love about the addition of “Suddenly” in the movie- it shows their bond a lot more.

Eponine and Marius This is an unpopular opinion. The sad side to rescuing Cosette was that Eponine was stuck with the Thenardiers the rest of her life. Eponine was raised to be a thief and criminal. She became unloved by her parents. No one was showing her kindness. Then one day, something changed—–she met Marius, who showed her kindness.

For whatever reason, she knew he was a good person. Due to his kindness, she fell in love with him. Despite the love being unrequited, they still stayed friends. Many people keep on saying he was never good to her, but I disagree- he was ALWAYS good to Eponine. Even Eponine would say that.

Here are two places where you can notice how much Marius cared about Eponine. 1) When he first noticed her at the barricade, he sent her away with a letter to protect her. 2) When she came back, Marius did ask, why? That was because he was because he was worried. When she collapsed, Marius noticed that she was shot, and that her wound was fatal. He was devastated, and he ended up staying with her; he held her to comfort her though that pain). Seriously, how can anyone not see the COMPASSION shown in that moment?

Lumiere and Cogsworth

This sounds like an odd relationship to love. I mean it is a relationship between a talking candle and talking clock.

Belle and Maurice

They are an amazing father and daughter duo. They are a bit misunderstood by the town they live in. They call Belle “odd” and Maurice “crazy”, which isn’t true. They perfectly understand each other and would protect each other. That is why Belle is willing to take her father’s place at the Beast’s castle and why Maurice is trying to get the townspeople to help him rescue people.

Elphaba and Glinda

It wouldn’t be right to have this post if I forgot to include these two. The center core of Wicked is between these two best friends. They have such a powerful and beautiful bond. They literally wouldn’t let a boy get in the way of their friendship- the love triangle in so many ways shows their loyalty towards each other. The song “For Good” really does shows how much they changed each others’ lives for the better.

Any you add any other non-romantic relationships to the list?

2 thoughts on “Favorite Relationships in Musicals

  1. This was really interesting! I agree that there are a lot of really incredible relationships in musicals that aren’t necessarily romantic. The Friends of the ABC have such a close bond: it’s really touching how close they are.

    (Also, I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with your blog lately! Life has gotten so crazy for me! 😅)

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