Young Characters I Love

There are lots of characters I love in musical theatre. The vast majority of characters I love happen to be young. This list is not going to include children. These characters vary in so many ways..

Young Characters

  1. Elphaba (my favorite musical theatre character)
  2. Glinda
  3. Fiyero
  4. Eponine
  5. Marius
  6. Cosette
  7. Enjolras
  8. Friends of the ABC
  9. Christine
  10. Raoul
  11. Simba
  12. Nala
  13. Belle
  14. Beast
  15. Aladdin
  16. Jasmine
  17. Omar
  18. Babak
  19. Kassim
  20. Elsa
  21. Anna
  22. Kristoff
  23. Jack Kelly
  24. Crutchie
  25. Davey
  26. Newsies
  27. Pippin
  28. Mark
  29. Roger
  30. Mimi
  31. Sophie
  32. Kim
  33. Chris

It is hard to believe that it seems like a ton of these characters do DIE in their musical, but in reality most of them are SURVIVORS. The vast majority of these characters do not get themselves killed- even though some of them almost did.

What other young characters (not kids) can you add to this list?

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