Unexpected Inspiring Musical Songs

Many of you know by now that sometimes I write lists of love songs, non-romantic duets, duet numbers, etc….among other numbers. This time I decided to do something totally different. They actually are songs that answer three questions- moving on, never giving up, getting out of where you are. I began to get Newsies and Friends of the ABC vibes with those questions. Some songs seem far-fetched, but if you think closely, they do fit in a way. I was surprised heartbreaking songs can fit those questions.

The Songs

  1. Go the Distance
  2. The Next Right Thing
  3. Defying Gravity
  4. Let it Go
  5. Seize the Day
  6. Do you Hear the People Sing
  7. Into the Unknown
  8. Once and For All
  9. This is Me (Camp Rock)
  10. How Far I’ll Go
  11. Part of Your World
  12. Journey to the Past
  13. Belle (Reprise)
  14. The World Will Know
  15. The Final Battle
  16. This is Me (Greatest Showman)
  17. Castle on a Cloud
  18. Whole New World
  19. King of New York
  20. Shadowland
  21. Will I
  22. Climb Every Mountain (Reprise)

What other songs (in your opinion) fit those three questions?

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