Musicals to Look Forward To

It is incredible to live in Charlotte. Usually, I discover Charlotte’s Blumenthal season in March, but they decided to show it in February. Most of the musicals coming were ones that got postponed. I really love that there will be musicals starting the 2nd half of the year. Now, I will talk more in detail about the one’s I hope to see the most.

Blumenthal Performing Arts is NOT one theater. In addition, it does more than just opera, musical theater, ballet, and symphony. It supports events like Charlotte Shout and the upcoming immersive Vincent Van Gogh experience.


Ever since it swept the Tonys in 2019, I wanted to see this musical. I really got fascinated by it once I realized it was based off of a Greek Myth. I never heard of the tragic love story between Orpheus and Eurydice. Hadestown is starting the 21/22 season. This one never entered the phase of being postponed- the next three did.


Well, if I go it will be my 5th time seeing the musical. Wicked really means a lot to me. A powerful and beautiful friendship and a complex love triangle. Elphaba, Glinda and Fiyero are my the only characters I am emotionally connected to in this musical. It is an incredible musical to look at, but is also an incredible storyline to get into. I still feel like there is still more to the storyline to discover particularly in the love triangle. Elphaba is my favorite musical theatre character.


I actually think this Disney musical shares parallels with Wicked. That is part of why I love Frozen. I think it will be incredible to see Elsa’s powers unfold. I already learned to love the new songs. While listening to the new songs, I realized how much more developed the characters became. Of all contemporary Disney princesses, Anna is who I relate to the most.


All it took was listening to five songs. That is what convinced me to want to see this musical.

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