Musical Unpopular Opinions

Everyone has unpopular opinions. What exactly are some of mine?

Stephen Sondheim

Not the biggest fan of him


I am actually not the biggest fan of Hamilton.

Christine and Raoul

I love the two of them as a couple. Christine loves Raoul, as proven in “All I Ask of You”. Raoul truly does care about Christine. Yes, he messes up at times, but the best characters are flawed. He wants to protect her from any harm. I don’t get people wanting Christine and the Phantom together- that would result in a very toxic and unhealthy relationship.

Les Mis’ Love Triangle

The love triangle in Les Mis isn’t silly. It is meant to be set up the way it is. If you change any detail in that musical, the entire storyline starts to fall apart. Marius and Cosette bring a lot of hope into this tragedy: while they do survive, they still have their tragedies. At the end of Les Mis, all they have left is each other.

Cosette and Marius

I actually want these two together. They bring a lot of hope into this musical. They are such an adorable couple. Cosette is supposed to represent hope and light. Yes, at the end of the musical, they loss everyone that meant something to them. Except for each other. Marius lost all of his friends, and Cosette lost her adopted father.

Eponine and Marius

I love these two as friends. A LOT of people say Marius never treated Eponine fairly, but I disagree. He was always a good and kind friend to her. Even Eponine would say he was kind to her. He was the only good thing in her life. Marius was worried about her: he actually knew she had a rough life.

The barricades do say a lot. Yes, he did send her away with a letter to Cosette, but it wasn’t out of selfish intentions. He was only trying to protect her. Then when Eponine came back and collapsed, that is when Marius realized she was dying. He was devastated and decided to stay with her- this shows he really did value their friendship.

Marius is Kind

This is actually about who Marius is. A lot of people say that he is a JERK. That is far from the truth. Marius is a romantic, awkward, sweet, kind, compassionate and brave revolutionary. He is one of the students who fights during the uprising. He is close friends to Enjolras and Eponine. Marius is the only kind and good person in Eponine’s life. While he is oblivious to Eponine’s love for him, he is still a good friend. Marius struggles with a lot- his political conflict with his grandfather, his passion for the uprising, his love for Cosette, and his friendship with Eponine. Can’t people remember something—–Eponine never told him she loved him.

Explain his actions in act II. He is brave due to fighting on the barricades. He is worried about Eponine noticing her there. Hoping to keep her safe, he sends her away with that letter. He doesn’t want her to return, but she does. This does end tragically due to Eponine shielding Marius from a bullet. You really can see the level of compassion he is capable of- even though he is devastated, he still decided to stay and comfort her. Marius is actually the only survivor of the barricades- he was ultimately saved by Valjean (Valjean went to the barricades to rescue the young man his daughter loves).

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