Book Protagonists

There are a lot of musical theatre protagonists I love. This time, I decided to focus primarily on the book protagonists. Yes, there will be some overlap. So, what are some book main characters I love?


  1. Jean Valjean
  2. Oliver Twist
  3. Esther
  4. Nicholas Nickleby
  5. Pip
  6. David Copperfield
  7. Scrooge
  8. Tom Sawyer
  9. Mary Lennox
  10. Don Quixote
  11. Odysseus
  12. Kell
  13. Frodo
  14. Bilbo
  15. Harry Potter
  16. Lyra
  17. Miryem
  18. Agnieszka
  19. Percy Jackson
  20. Alex and Conner
  21. Charlie Bucket
  22. Sophie


True, this isn’t all the protagonists I love so far. But it really does say a lot.

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