Liebster Award- Part Two

This was the 2nd half of the questions on Joy Caroline. As in the 2nd Liebster Award I found on her blog.

The Questions

What author has influenced your writing?

I never really thought of this exactly.

What first sparked the desire to write?

In a lot of ways, it was myself. I was a storyteller as a child, which somehow led into being a blogger and being in the middle of WIPS.

Which literary villain/antagonist is your favorite?

Well, I struggle with liking villains and antagonists- true it is possible we can feel for them. In terms of my favorite, I am thinking of one of my own antagonists- Sarge

Which literary hero/heroine is your least favorite?

Never really thought of this. Recently, in terms of 20/21, one of my least favorites was Anna Karenina- disliked both book and character

If provided a choice, which fictional world would you live in?

Can’t decide between Narnia and Middle Earth

Who is your favorite Bible character, and how have they impacted your faith/life?

I actually don’t know who my favorite Bible character is

Where is your favorite spot to read?

My bedroom—where I read in my room depends on if it is physical or my kindle. If it is my kindle, I would rather read on the floor and if physical, at my desk

What is a popular series/movie/other everyone but you likes?

Three series come to mind automatically- Peculiar Children (too creepy), Twilight (don’t like vampires), and Hunger Games (too grotesque).

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I think I want to stay put- I love North Carolina

If you could visit one period in history, which would it be?

Really don’t know at the moment

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