Tale of the Cattail Forest Update

Followers who have been with me the most are aware of Tale of the Cattail Forest. Currently on my 5th draft and waiting on edits from my dad. I love the world, characters, and plot that I created. So, what are my most recent updates on the novel?

My dad actually gave me a challenge. He actually wants me to draw a map. Seriously, how can I draw a map for a world that really isn’t expansive. In addition, I am a worse drawer then Sparkle. It would actually help if I knew the boulders- meaning the overall shape. The four main places I need to show are Fairy Creek, Cattail Marsh, Graysloup, and The Bog. I have to show cattails, creeks, a gazebo, a path, bridges, a highway, ditches, mud, and rocks; etc…….There will be some tricky things. How can I show depth of things like water, mud, and ditches. Then, there’s the whole spacing locations out.

1 thought on “Tale of the Cattail Forest Update

  1. Yeah, agreed: maps are really hard to draw. There are some online resources that I’ve found that are great for helping to sketch out fantasy maps, though. I’m sure you can do it! I like hearing updates on how your story is going, too.


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