Siblings in Fiction

There are a LOT of relationships in fiction. True, there are families; but what if I bring up the actual siblings (I will include those from unloving families as well). This time, I will talk about the actual siblings, and yes, I will include my own siblings. There might be SPOILERS ahead.

Alex and Conner

This are the two fraternal twins in Land of Stories. They actually are the main characters. Alex loves fairy tales while her brother does not. It takes her brother longer to warm up; but eventually, he warms up.

The Pevensie Siblings

How can you not love Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter? They are what the Narnia series are primarily focused on; yes not the entire series, but you seem to spend the most time with them. They are the high kings and queens of Narnia; if it wasn’t for Lucy, they never would have discovered this world.

The March Sisters

Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy create up the four sister of Little Women. I remember loving this as a kid, but never knew why. But, after finally reading it a 2nd time back in 2020, I finally found my answer. I think it comes from their sisterhood-I know what that feels like.

Aurora and Jasmine

They start Greatest Discovery as 9 year olds. Out of the six orphans, I decided to make these two fraternal twins the main character of the novel. Their parents are artsy and are huge fans of Disney. Both girls have light blue eyes and hazel hair- the difference is the shape of the hair.

Aurora is the more innocent and stubborn one. She is more into princesses and dolls and less into doing the actual crafts. Her parents’ deaths affect her at a deeper level then her sister. She has a special doll named Mali. She takes that doll everywhere.

Jasmine is more into creating the actual outfits. She loves sewing on beads and sequins. I actually believe that in the future, she could possibly be a costume designer on Broadway. She is fiercely protective of Aurora especially after the car crash that killed their parents.

Effa and Rudy

This are two ten-year-old siblings, and are identical twins. They are minor characters, who eventually befriend Celeste. I like to call them peas in a pod.

The Weasley Family

It is kinda of hard to separate the entire Weasley siblings. There are just two many of them. Fred and George are literally the jokester twins of the family. They all basically took Harry in- Ron and Harry are best friends (yes, that is only just 2/3 of the Golden Trio).

Elsa and Anna

One of the many things I love about Frozen is where its core comes from. Frozen’s true love is coming from these two sisters. By listening to the Original Broadway Soundtrack, I love how in the beginning, Young Elsa and Anna have their own duet- it sets up the core sooner. I have to wait till June 2022 to see Frozen.

Eponine and Gavroche

One of the many things people may not know is that Eponine isn’t an only child. Eponine is actually the oldest of five. Only Eponine and Gavroche made it to the musical. Eponine really did have a tragic life, but at least she had Marius. Gavroche was in many ways kinda of like the mascot of the rebellion—-one of the things I loved about the book was the scene when he took in his two younger brothers.

True, both of them died; but at least not alone.

Elphaba and Nessa

Elphaba, like Eponine, was born into the wrong family. Elphaba was hated on due to being “different”. Nessa was spoiled only because she was “normal-colored”. I ALWAYS overlook Nessa, and never ignore Elphaba. Whenever I see Wicked, I spend so much time paying attention to Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero.

Others- just ones, I can’t describe that well

  1. Kate and Nicholas
  2. Daphne and Sabrina

Think of other siblings?

4 thoughts on “Siblings in Fiction

  1. Meg, good post. I was intrigued by your latest comment on my “Les Miserables and Social Injustice” post. If MPH stands for what I think it does, my three children went to high school there several years ago. We have seen many a play at CPCC as well as the Broadway series when they have come through. All the best on your blogging efforts. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders as well as a good heart. Keith


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