Blumenthal Hopes

Blumenthal Performing Arts really does mean a lot to me. Yes, I do have a Blumenthal event to look forward to- an immersive Van Gogh Exhibit. Now, what about the musicals? If I don’t see a musical this year, it will feel very strange.


Well, Hadestown is off the list for 2021. Originally thought Blumenthal couldn’t do it this year because of the pandemic- glad to hear it was only because still not fully cast. Now, I have to hope for two other musicals. At least, I know Hadestown is coming to Charlotte November of 2022 (despite my main goals being Frozen and Anastasia next year).

At first, I only wanted to see both Hadestown and Wicked. Now, I plan for both Wicked and Rent in 2021. The reason why I decided to include Rent in the picture is for a better chance of possibly seeing a musical this year. I already love both of those musicals- Wicked since 2006 and Rent since 2012. Both of them are meaningful, and I can relate to both of them.

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