Dickens Books I Read

One of the 19th century authors I love is Charles Dickens. He actually is the first classic author I fell in love with. Due to growing up on A Christmas Carol, I was able to fall in love with the author. I have read a LOT of his books, and so far loved ALL of them. Now, what were some of his books I read?

The Books

  1. A Christmas Carol- favorite Dickens
  2. Bleak House
  3. Nicholas Nickleby
  4. Oliver Twist
  5. David Copperfield
  6. Great Expectations
  7. Tale of Two Cities

TBR Dickens

These are the Dickens books I plan to read eventually

  1. Hard Times
  2. Pickwick Papers
  3. Little Dorit

Well, I just started Hard Times

What is your favorite Dickens book?

6 thoughts on “Dickens Books I Read

  1. I’ve literally in the middle of reading my first Dickens book! I’m reading David Copperfield. Though I like it, and though I understand it is the happenings of one man’s life, it is a little random at times. However, though I am not a huge fan of the story, Dickens is a FANTASTIC author!

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