Book Relationships I Love

Well, I have talked a LOT about the musical relationships I love. But, what about the non-romance relationships I love in the literature world? I decided to list those today, and there is some overlap.

Favorite Relationships

  1. Harry, Hermione, and Ron
  2. The Weasley Family
  3. Sam and Frodo
  4. Merry and Pippin
  5. Friends of the ABC
  6. Valjean and Cosette
  7. Fantine and Cosette
  8. Alex and Conner
  9. Esther and Ada
  10. Esther and Charley
  11. Esther and Caddy
  12. Kara, Adrienne, and Emily
  13. Nicholas and Smike
  14. Lyra and Pan

Yes, I love more relationships then the ones I mentioned. But those are the only ones I think of at the moment.

What book relationships do you love that are not romance?

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