Examples of Favorite Book Characters

There are several characters I love. My favorite characters come from literature, movies, operas, and musicals. This time, I decided to focus primarily on the characters I love in the literature world. Who are they?

The Characters:

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Hermione
  3. Ron
  4. Frodo
  5. Sam
  6. Merry
  7. Pippin
  8. Bilbo
  9. Jean Valjean
  10. Fantine
  11. Cosette
  12. Marius
  13. Eponine
  14. Enjolras
  15. Friends of the ABC
  16. Lucy
  17. Susan
  18. Edmund
  19. Peter
  20. Aslan
  21. Oliver
  22. Nicholas Nickleby
  23. Smike
  24. Percy Jackson
  25. Don Quixote
  26. Sancho Panza
  27. Esther
  28. Pip
  29. Westley
  30. Buttercup
  31. Agnieszka
  32. Kell
  33. Lila
  34. Holland
  35. Alucard Emery
  36. Miryem
  37. Esther
  38. Lyra

I love more characters than these. Some of them are part of both books and movies. Some are in books and musicals. In addition, others are in books, movies, and musicals.

5 thoughts on “Examples of Favorite Book Characters

  1. Meg, fun list. Are Westley and Buttercup from “The Princess Bride?” If so, my favorite character is Andre the Giant’s role Fezzik. Plus, Peter Falk as the Grandfather reading the story is classic. Keith


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