Loving Families in Storytelling

There are two types of families in storytelling. There are the loving families, and there are the nonloving families. They exist in the world of novels, operas, and musicals- that is where I have seen them.


Mufasa and Simba

Simba and Mufasa share a close bond. Mufasa was an amazing king and father to Simba. He taught him incredible lessons about how to be a good king. But Mufasa’s time was short-lived due to his younger brother, Scar, killing him.

Anna and Elsa

Yes, their relationship was rocky at times. They eventually lost both of their parents. The core of Frozen is on these two sisters. Elsa was only trying to protect Anna, but Anna wanted a closer relationship.

Aurora and Jasmine

They are the main characters of Greatest Discovery. Born in 1998 to artsy and Disney loving parents. Both twins have hazel hair and light blue eyes- the difference is one girl has curly hair and the other has straight. Aurora is innocent, stubborn, and loves playing with dolls and princesses. Jasmine is more mature, optimistic, fiercely protective of her sister, and loves designing the clothes the dolls wear.

Due to a car crash during a snowy day, these twins survived while their parents died. Jasmine became even more protective of Aurora. Mali, Aurora’s special doll, was the last doll her mom made her. Aurora struggles a lot more with the loss.

Belle and Maurice

While the town may think they are odd, these two don’t see each other that way. You truly can see Belle’s love for her father when she takes her father’s place at Beast’s castle.

Fantine and Cosette

Yes, in the musical, you never saw the two of them together. But Fantine truly loved her daughter unconditionally. She would do anything for her daughter. That is why she went as far as turning to prostitution to provide for Cosette. She hoped her daughter would have a better life then she had. She had peace and comfort when Valjean promised to raise Cosette- that is why her death scene was bittersweet.

Valjean and Cosette

This is one of my favorite relationships. Valjean adopted Cosette after her mother died. On Fantine’s deathbed, Valjean promised her he would raise Cosette. Little did Valjean know how much Cosette would change his life. He even changed her life as well- literally, Cosette was abused until he rescued her.

Aries and Darcy

Yes, this is an Uncle and Nephew relationship, but its still family. Aries may be a confident leader, but he can doubt himself at times. So sometimes, Darcy gives him advice at times. Darcy is next in line to be leader of the Fairy Frogs.

Effa and Rudy

They are two minor characters in Tale of the Cattail Forest. I like to call them “peas in a pods”. They are identical twins, who eventually befriend Celeste.

The Weasley Family

They are one of my favorite families in literature. I love how they basically treated Harry like one of their own. Ron is one of his best friends- that is how he was introduced to the family. Seven siblings. You mainly spend time with Ron, Fred, George, and Ginny at Hogwarts- Ron and Harry are part of the same year. There are not many good families in Harry Potter- at least you have the incredible Weasley Family.

4 thoughts on “Loving Families in Storytelling

  1. Meg, I am glad you included the whole Weasley family. We take delight in the actor who plays the father also stars in the “Father Brown” BBC series. People just are drawn to his character in part because of the Weasley role. Keith

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