My Character Families

In my WIPS, I have various relationships found in my WIPS. They are a combo of BOTH friendships and families. I decided to primarily focus on the families today.

Sarge and His Father

Yes, this is a relationship found only in backstory. Sarge had a tragic and heartbreaking past. Born into the wrong family. Sarge’s mother left him when he was four. Leaving him with a cruel and abusive father, he had to deal with verbal and physical abuse for 9 years (from 4-13 years old). Sarge only found one source of comfort growing up- it was “The Bog”, which he made a playground of sorts. It was the one place his father never knew existed in Graysloup.

Sarge was left by his father when he was only 13. He was forced to lead at that age. What Sarge doesn’t realize is that his Uncle and his cousin loved him- that would be Marge and her father. Sarge became conflicted, confused, full of lots of anger and bitterness, extremely lonely, and broken. He does not even realize how lonely he really became. His past led him to become the bully he is in Tale of the Cattail Forest, and led to lots of nightmares. Those nightmares don’t help at all- they make things worse. Marge became his easiest target because she got the better father. He couldn’t even see compassion, love, or kindness that is obviously right in front of him. He is 17 in Tale of the Cattail Forest.

Marge and Sarge

Yes, I already said they are cousins. Realizing they are cousins made me understand Sarge’s actions. Marge is the younger cousin of Sarge. She started being mistreated by Sarge when she was 8.5. She is his easiest target, but it isn’t easy being related to him. Marge was misunderstood because other Toads did believe she was just like him. All Marge wants is be shown compassion and to have a friend. Due to the way Sarge treated her, she was able to really see just how lonely Graysloup really is- she gained a lot of wisdom from that. While she doesn’t know anything about Sarge’s father, she wasn’t allowed to see him growing up.

Aries and Darcy

Aries and Darcy are Uncle and Nephew. Aries is the Fairy Frogs leader and head carpenter. Darcy is actually next in line to become leader. Aries is a confident and protective leader, who does doubt himself at times and does ask his nephew advice at times.

Effa and Rudy

They are two minor characters in Tale of the Cattail Forest. They are identical twins, who I like to call “peas in a pod”.

Aurora and Jasmine

It took a while for me to decide which of the six orphans should be the main characters of Greatest Discovery. But eventually, I decided the main focus should be on the twins. They are fraternal twins- light blue eyes, hazel hair (one is curly and the other straight), and both are small for their age. The book starts when these two are 9.

Aurora and Jasmine were born in 1998 to Disney-Loving and Artsy families. Aurora is the more innocent and stubborn one, who would rather play with dolls and princesses. Jasmine is more mature, optimistic, and protective. She prefers to help make outfits for the dolls her parents make. One day, during a car crash, the girls survived while their parents didn’t- it was on a snowy day. Mali is an important doll to Aurora= Mali has a dress, which can change between pink and blue and named after Maleficent (that is the final doll her mother made- it is the only memory the girls have left of their parents).

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