Peter Pan Review

Neverland is home to Peter Pan, a young boy who has never grown up. On one of his visits to London, Peter makes the acquaintance of young Wendy Darling, whom he invites to travel with him to Neverland and become the mother of his gang of Lost Boys. Flying through the night sky to Neverland, Wendy and her brothers John and Michael soon become caught up in marvelous adventures with the Indian Princess Tiger Lily, the loyal fairy Tinker Bell, and Peter’s nemesis, the sinister hook-handed pirate known as Captain Hook

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As a child, I did watch the Disney movie of Peter Pan, but don’t know if I ever read the novel. This is truly a children’s fairy tale. Pirates, fairies, mermaids, and adventures. As for the characters, I love the Darling Children, Lost Boys, Tinker Bell and Peter. You really see imagination and make believe in Peter Pan- so you really see childhood wonder.

Funny to say this, but Hook seems less villainous in the novel then the Disney movie. Despite still wanting to kill Peter.

6 thoughts on “Peter Pan Review

  1. Meg, I saw the play when it came through town. Former gymnast Kathy Rigby played Peter Pan and did a great job. One of the sad realizations about the Disney movie is it is considered racist in how Native Americans were portrayed. As a child we did not realize this, but seeing it as an adult, it is over the top. I think it may have been on a list of the top 50 racists movies which I heard on NPR while traveling. It made me sad that Disney was a part of this. Keith


  2. I don’t think I’ve read it either, at least not in years and years and years! Would be fun to revisit some of these older children’s classics


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