Being Different

April is known as “Autism Awareness Month”. When people hear the word, “disability”, they assume not able. However, that is so far from the truth. For me I like to replace that word with the word with “difference”. I struggled with disabilities my entire life.

I didn’t even known I had any disability until middle school. I actually, in some ways, am on the Autism Spectrum, and do have a nonverbal learning disability. Due to my speech impediment, people constantly think I am British (clearly, I am not). My learning disability is part of why I was a hardworking and determined student. Having a disability does not mean “not able”—-it just means you learn things differently and see the world in an unique way.

Yes, I will bring up what I am most insecure about. I have Epilepsy, which is a BIG struggle. It has been difficult to manage a LOT lately. It comes with a lot of anxiety, fear, and stress- among other things. I actually can strongly relate to Rent due to some of those emotions- it is kinda of sad to say that. While both of those diseases are different, the emotions are similar. I have loved Rent since September of 2012- the main song that usually hits me is “Will I”.

It isn’t just my disabilities that make me feel different. It belongs to some of my interests. I am not a typical millennial. In terms of music, I am a musical theatre and contemporary christian music fan. With movies, it is mostly Disney and musical theatre. With T.V. shows- it isn’t what people think of- I loved Chopped and recently added “Anne with an “E”. Books- I am this fantasy and classic fan.

Look- we should never use the word “disability”. Why not replace it with the word, “difference”.

8 thoughts on “Being Different

  1. Meg, I find your blog of interest, so I guess I am different, as well. You are an interesting person and writer, so don’t let anyone stop you from writing about what you love. I am sorry you have a few more health challenges, so all the best on managing those issues. Keep enjoying your passion in theater and musicals, and please keep writing about it. All the best, Keith

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      • Well said. If we were all the same, it would be quite the boring world. I agree on the musicals, but also live drama or comedy is wonderful and powerful. Keith


      • Saw other shows besides musicals- saw The Nutcracker a couple of times and saw La Bohème once.

        As for straight plays—–saw them mostly during my college years


  2. Exactly. I know I personally have things to struggle with even if it’s not quite the same. But I think we can each help each other through life no matter what we’re facing. ❤


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