Stage Musicals I Hope to See

Just like bookworms have their TBR list, musical theatre nuts have their TBW list. There is a reason why I hope to see these musicals. Some of those musicals would have been seen sooner if the pandemic didn’t get in the way. At the very bottom, I will include musicals I have already seen.


This was originally planned for October 2020, but got postponed. It actually left me the most disappointed in 2020. So, what I did was watch both animated movies the same weekend I was supposed to see the stage show. I now own both movies and the Original Broadway Soundtrack. I already fell in love with Frozen- I love the songs, characters, and storyline. The new songs are amazing.

I am so glad Frozen is coming back to Charlotte June of 2022. Part of why I love Frozen is some of the parallels it shares with Wicked. I will really miss “For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)” and “True Love”. True Love is my favorite added song in Frozen and will always see it as part of the musical.


Another postponed show of 2020. I was hoping to see this musical with Club Blume, but that didn’t happen. After falling in love with five songs, I knew I wanted to see it. Those songs were “Journey to the Past”, “My Petersburg”, “Once Upon a December”, “In My Dreams”, and “In a Crowd of Thousands”. Sometimes that is all it takes to convince you to see a musical- the songs alone. Just like Frozen, it is coming back to Charlotte in 2022.


I wish this musical kept to its original date- October 2021. Charlotte decided to switch it to the first week of September, which led the show to change the date again to November of 2022. This was because it couldn’t cast on time.

I became fascinated by this tragic musical after it swept the Tonys in 2019. Especially after hearing it was based off a Greek Myth. I have loved Greek Mythology for a long time. That is what led to wanting to see Hadestown. Can’t believe I have to wait till November of 2022.

Cinderella- Rodgers and Hammerstein

I missed my chance to see this musical when it first toured to Charlotte. While Sound of Music is my favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, Cinderella is my 2nd favorite. With memorable songs like “Impossible”, “In My Own Little Corner”, and “Ten Minutes Ago”, it would be such a magical show to attend.

Beauty and the Beast

I am actually surprised I still haven’t seen this Disney musical live. I love three musicals set in France, and this is one of them. It has everything you expect from a Disney musical- spectacle, dance, a magical romance, incredible characters, and an amazing storyline. The songs are the kind of songs I look for in a musical- a mix of positive and negative emotions.


Yes, I saw the stage show, but don’t remember. I want a memory of seeing the musical. I had to learn to love the musical all over again. I eventually read the novel, which soon led to seeing the musical movie. Oliver Twist is one of my favorite Dickens novels.

Something Rotten

The Renaissance is actually one of my favorite time periods. I did fall in love with some of these songs already. I think it will be just a really fun musical to see.


Yes, it does feel like I will never get to see this musical in person, but there is still hope. Don’t forget, I felt the same way about Rent (that felt like it will not tour again, but it did). I feel like for Once, you have to be more then a triple threat. That is because in addition to dancing, singing, and acting, you also have to know how to play an instrument. That’s right- the actors are the orchestra. I actually see the orchestra as a character in a musical. That is part of why I want to see it- that is something I have NEVER seen in a musical before.

Seen the movie and my favorite song is “Falling Slowly”. These songs sound so different from what you think of when you think musical. Once’s songs feel like they are Folk- different in a way.

West Side Story

Yes, I have mixed feelings about West Side Story. However, I liked the songs enough to own them. Sounds weird to say this, but not a big fan of Romeo and Juliet, but don’t mind West Side Story. I want to see if the dancing works better on stage.


Yes, I have already seen it four times. But, I know I still can discover more things about this musical. It is true I overlook a LOT of things in this musical. That is because I spend a LOT of time exploring the friendship and love triangle. Wicked’s love triangle is so complex that I keep on feeling that there is still more I can discover- especially when it comes to Fiyero. Fiyero, like Marius, is more complex then he seems.

Les Mis

Why do you think I put Les Mis last? That is because this musical is ALWAYS on my TBW list. Les Mis has an emotional nature that no other musical has managed to have. It really made me view musical theatre in a different way. I once thought I would never love a tragedy, but good thing this show entered my life. I have already seen the stage show six times- at Halton Theater- 3x, Queen’s Theater (will always view The West End theater as Queen’s), Peace Center, and Ovens Auditorium.

Les Mis will always make me an emotional wreck. True, its a tragedy—-but bittersweet due to its beautiful underlying spirituality. It is epic, powerful, and passionate. Full of hope, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, love, humanity, and redemption. Everything happens in the story for a reason- meaning if you get rid of one tiny detail, the story starts undoing itself. Full of memorable characters and wonderful songs.

8 thoughts on “Stage Musicals I Hope to See

  1. I’ve seen wicked 3 times, and I love it so much!! 💚 I’d love to see Hadestown, Les Mis, and Frozen for sure! Cant wait for lockdown to be over so theatres can re-open! I’ve booked tickets to see Six the musical for next May! 💜


    • Can’t book tickets yet- for the US Tours, season ticket holders are the first to get tickets. So, I have to wait to buy tickets.

      So having to wait for Wicked- coming in September. Frozen- coming June 2022 and Hadestown- coming November 2022. By the way, Frozen shares a couple of parallels with Wicked

      While, we had one lockdown—–it was still hard having theaters closed

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  2. Meg, good list. My oldest son’s marching band featured songs from “West Side Story” one season. Since the band plays the same routine all year, that was our most enjoyable year. Keith

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