Non-Survivors of Musical Theatre

In musical theatre, there are characters who survive and characters who don’t. Most of the characters I love are actually survivors. It really does feel like a LOT of my favorite characters do die, but in reality, it really is small number compared to the ones that survive. I will still list the antagonists/villains that die.

Some of these characters come from shows that are extremely well-known.


  1. Don Quixote
  2. Jean Valjean
  3. Javert
  4. Fantine
  5. Eponine
  6. Enjolras
  7. Grantaire
  8. Joly
  9. Feuilly
  10. Combeferre
  11. Lesgles
  12. Courfeyrac
  13. Jean Prouvaire
  14. Gavroche
  15. Nancy
  16. Angel
  17. Tony
  18. Riff
  19. Bernardo
  20. Mufasa
  21. Scar
  22. Gaston
  23. Kim

It is hard to believe that MOST of those characters happen to come from Les Mis. I NEVER thought I would love a tragedy, but Les Mis taught me that I can. I always believed death scenes couldn’t be memorable or couldn’t happen through song, but Les Mis decided to prove me wrong. That one musical challenged a lot on what I previously knew about the world of musical theatre.

Yes, it really does look like a lot of death, but in reality it really isn’t. Most characters I have come across never get killed off.

8 thoughts on “Non-Survivors of Musical Theatre

  1. Meg, tragedy leads to good songs in the musicals. We must not forget Romeo and Juliet do not fare well at the end, even though it was not a musical. Keith


    • Romeo and Juliet is how I found out about tragedies in the first place- did not really give that genre a chance.

      So the only way to get me to Les Mis was not to be told it was a tragedy. The film came out the same year I graduated from high school. This actually happened- had to give Les Mis a 2nd chance before falling in love with it


      • Meg, I so understand. The one I feel most for in Les Mis is Fantine. Society was quite unkind to unwed pregnancies back then. Plus, she gets outed by a gossipy co-worker and she gets fired. Keith


      • Fantine has the hardest story to see unfold- what happens to her isn’t even her fault. As a matter of fact, I truly start becoming an emotional wreck at “I Dreamed a Dream”

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  2. In Les Mis, literally everyone dies except for the Thenardiers, Marius and Cosette. đŸ˜‚ Only difference in the book is that Azelma lives and Mme. Thenardier dies, but Azelma isn’t in the musical. I would have to say my favorite Les Mis character is Jean Valjean, even though I’m sure everyone says that.


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