Loving Moms in Stories

Considering today is mothers day, I decided to bring up the loving moms in the world of literature. That means books, operas, movies and musicals. What was interesting is that some of these overlap. This was so much harder then I thought.

Molly Weasley

Not only does she love her kids, but she also loves Harry like her own. In the Harry Potter series, she basically takes Harry in as her own.


She is Simba’s mother and does love him.


She has an unconditional love for Cosette. She gets put into a difficult situation when her “lover” basically abandons her and her daughter. Now what? She had no choice, but to leave Cosette in the hands of the Thenardiers, but what she didn’t know is how poorly they will treat her daughter and that they will scam her out of money.

Yes, she finds work in Valjean’s factory, when her secret comes out, she gets fired. That all leads to her becoming a prostitute and leaving on the streets. Valjean eventually discovers this after intervening to protect her from going to jail. Valjean, out of compassion, agreed to care for her child. For once, Fantine found peace and comfort. Fantine’s hope was that Cosette would have a better life then she had.

Her demise wasn’t even her fault- it was more Society’s fault. At least Valjean helped her in the end.


Kim and Fantine are kinda of similar in their relationships to their children- that is a way they are somewhat parallel. I said that because Kim has an unconditional love towards Tam. You truly start to notice this through “I’d Give my Life for You”. She would rather give him a better life then the one she has at the moment. At the end of Miss Saigon, she sacrifices her life- that actually makes Chris realize that he still truly loves Kim. He agrees to take care of Tam, the son he never knew existed.

2 thoughts on “Loving Moms in Stories

  1. Fantine and Kim sound amazing! I can’t wait to read Les Mis; it has been on my TBR list for a couple of months now and I’m going to see the musical next week! And yes, Sarabi is a very loving mom!!

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