Genre of Books I Refuse to Read

Yes, there are genres of books I love to read. My all-time favorite genres are classics and fantasies. However, is there a genre I refuse to read. This is actually true for just about EVERY bookworm. So, what is the genre I refuse to read?


This is a genre I really have no interest in reading. Yes, I can handle scary- as in HP and LOTR. But not in the Horror sense- those are too paranormal and too creepy. I am not judging them poorly. I already have this feeling I will NOT like this genre. I am seen previews of this genre in film, and those creep me out- so not thanks.

Yes, I did once judge a book by its genre- back when I said I will NEVER love a tragedy. However, I am not judging horror in that way. I dislike Hunger Games because it is too gruesome and dislike Peculiar Children because it is too creepy- horror seems like it takes those two things at a much deeper level. As in being way too creepy or way too gruesome.

What about you, is there are a genre you refuse to read?

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