World War II Tag

I saw this tag on Anne with a Book, and thought I should attempt it.

A Second Great War

Your favorite book which centers around war

My first thought was actually Lord of the Rings. There are multiple battles in the series- found in both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. My love for Harry Potter led to me to reading Lord of the Rings.

While in Lord of the Rings, the main plot is trying destroy the ring, there is still a great battle going on.

Adolf Hitler

Your most hated leader in fiction

Dolores Umbridges, of course. There are SO many characters I really dislike in the Harry Potter series. Umbridge is so strict, so cruel, and controlling Hogwarts at such an extreme level. She is one of the worst Defense against the Arts teachers- she isn’t even teaching them the students how to defend themselves.

Winston Churchill

A really great leader in fiction

Chronicles of Narnia came to mind. I reread the series this year and do love Aslan as a leader. Obviously, I love Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy as leaders as well. Narnia was another series that made me learn to love fantasy.


A horrible, evil group/organization in a book

I don’t know what their origination is called, but technically Voldemort and his army is an evil organization in Harry Potter.

Anne Frank

A moving fictional character with a tragic death

There are a number of characters that can fit under this. I am going to be using a death from Nicholas Nickleby. Nicholas is such a compassionate young man. When he arrive to the school that Squeers is in charge of, he encounters Smike, a young man who was never shown compassion. Out of compassion, Nicholas befriends him.

Literally, once Nicholas decides to leave that school, Smike follows. Smike literally says something around the lines of “let me follow you wherever you go”. Nicholas actually allows Smike to be with him. These two are my favorite characters in the book. I wanted the best for Smike- I didn’t want him to suffer anymore. I hope both of them would survive the novel, but that wouldn’t happen. Later in the novel, Smike gets seriously ill, and does die. But at least, he wasn’t alone. Nicholas was by his side when that happens.


Your favorite best friend / ally in a book

Lila from Shades of Magic. While Kell is our protagonist from Shades of Magic, Lila acts as a co-protagonist. She is an incredible ally to Kell. There is a lot more to her to what initially meets to the eye- she might seem as if she is just a thief, but she is way more than that.

Concentration Camp

A horrible world in a book you would not want to live in

Weird, what came to mind is from a book series that I don’t like. I haven’t actually read Hunger Games, but seen the first movie. Would not want to live in that dystopian world at all.

World War II

Your Favorite Book About World War II

Chronicles of Narnia- Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe opens up during The Blitz. If you are reading the series for the first time, I advise reading by publication date. It add a lot more wonder and magic that way.

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