Classic Mystery Prompt #11

 This is one of my favorite questions from Classic Remarks.  What is the first classic you remember loving?

A Christmas Carol

Actually, I didn’t start out loving this classic by the book, but by the George C. Scott movie. Growing up, during the Holidays my family always watched this movie together. It actually became a family tradition.

Not only is this the first classic I remember loving, but my favorite Dickens’ book as well. I love how it talks about how what the Christmas Spirit it. It shows you how you become who you are. As a matter of fact, one of my characters actually parallels Scrooge- it is Sarge, which I find interesting.

A Christmas Carol actually was the start of my love for classics. I fell in love with Charles Dickens because A Christmas Carol entered my life at a young age. The George C. Scott movie of it is my favorite Christmas movie.

9 thoughts on “Classic Mystery Prompt #11

  1. Meg, well said. I also like the George C. Scott one as well. Have you seen ‘The man who invented Christmas” about Dickens hurrying to write “A Christmas Carol” before Christmas? It is interesting. Keith


  2. A Christmas Carol is amazing! While I think Les Miserables is what really made me fall in love with classics, A Christmas Carol is one of the first classics I ever read. 😄


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