The Power of 2021 Pentecost

When COVID came, everything came to a standstill. Things that meant a LOT to us had to pause. Worship was one of those things- we had to take a year off from our Parish Retreat. In addition, church services started being online. Starting this year, members were allowed to sign up for certain Sundays to actually attend, but something was missing.

It really doesn’t feel like Worship without singing. That means not just being limited the choir. It also means allowing the parishioners to sing as well. This Pentecost was the FIRST time we were allowed to sing. That was such a joyous service. To me, I feel the strongest to Christ when I am singing in church and hearing the entire congregation sing. There is something so powerful about that- literally, you really do the Holy Spirit in that moment.

To me, it feels much more like church when there is singing.

2 thoughts on “The Power of 2021 Pentecost

    • Due to being able to sing again does give a sense of “normal” back again. Plus, know that Kanuga is happening- which is where our church’s annual Parish Retreat is

      Still need to wait on theater. Not coming till September

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