Classic Mystery Prompt #13

 This is yet another question I found on Classic Remarks. This is a question that is rather interesting. It is related to Anne of Green Gables. I actually don’t even know if I read any of the books as a child. However, I did fall in love with the Netflix series, “Anne with an “E”, which is based on the novel, Anne of Green Gables. I actually really connected to Anne.  Why do you think Anne of Green Gables still speaks to contemporary readers?

My Connection to Anne

I actually think readers can relate to the character of Anne. Like Anne, I love nature, have a wild imagination, and can get impulsive at times. Some of the best stories actually come from orphans- Anne is one herself, and her experiences at the orphanage inspires a lot of the stories she creates and tells to others. Anne isn’t the only character we love- Diana, Glibert, Matthew, and Marilla are some of the other characters we learn to love.

4 thoughts on “Classic Mystery Prompt #13

  1. I really need to try to read Anne of Green Gables again! I tried to read it a long, long time ago but it didn’t really capture my attention back then. I’m open to giving it another try, though, since it was so long ago and my reading tastes have definitely changed since then.

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  2. I’ve read all nine books in the Anne of Green Gables series. Anne was a huge part of my childhood. Rilla of Ingleside, the eighth book, is my favorite – I love it for Walter and Rilla’s relationship, its patriotism, and also that it was just the most emotionally moving of all of them. But Rainbow Valley is a close second.


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