My Favorite Minor Character

While we may love our major characters, the minor characters are still just as amazing. In Tale of the Cattail Forest, I have four minor characters. They are Effa, Rudy, Celeste and Tweetsie. Yes, it is actually true I have one of them more than the others. I decided to talk about that character today.


It is crazy to say this, but she almost didn’t make it to the book. When I first started writing the book, Tweetsie wasn’t even a character. I am so glad she was added.

She is my youngest and the smallest. Tweetsie is five, has lilac wings, and wears a pink bow. She actually has a bit of a conflict going on- figuring out her natural craft. You actually see how Fairy Frogs find their gift through her. She is full of lots of energy, which is connected to both her age and her craft. She actually does drive Sparkle nuts- which in some ways makes Sparkle a bit more stubborn. She loves playing in the creeks.


You eventually learn that Tweetsie is in fact a performer, which is a hard skill to find. That does explain where part of her energy is coming from. Since she is a triple threat, part of the energy comes from dance.

Later on in the novel, you learn there is a lot more to Tweetsie then you think. She is actually brave. One night, Sarge did capture the toads at Fairy Creek. For some reason, Tweetsie figured out something was wrong. She was the one who alerted Sparkle and eventually ventures into Graysloup.

I actually think of all the minor characters in Tale of the Cattail Forest, Tweetsie is the most developed.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Minor Character

  1. Minor characters are definitely a lot of fun! Tweetsie sounds like a great character and I’m glad you got to add her to your story!


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