Bring Him Home

Memorial Day is a day of remembering those who lost their lives during war. It is a day that actually makes me think of the uprising in Les Mis, which is known as the June Rebellion of 1832. One of the most spiritual parts of the show is when Valjean sings “Bring Him Home”.

At first, “Bring Him Home” does not seem like it is a heartbreaking song, but in reality it is. Marius, who loves Cosette (Valjean’s adopted daughter), is one of the revolutionaries: Valjean prays to God to make sure Marius survives. “Bring Him Home” becomes even more emotional when you realize Marius will be the only survivor of the barricades. The song is one of Valjean’s strongest spiritual moments.

Marius had to survive to keep hope alive in Les Mis. Despite losing all his friends, he still has Cosette.

8 thoughts on “Bring Him Home

  1. Meg, great, great song. If I am not mistaken, the song was added to the play when the first Valjean, Colm Wilkinson, had such range in his voice. This apparently is a very hard song to sing well. Keith


  2. Ugh, I just love “Bring Him Home.” It’s one of my top three favorite songs from the entire musical. I love how it shows Valjean’s relationship with God and his sacrificial love for Cosette. Also, I’m really glad Marius and Cosette lived to carry on Valjean’s legacy.

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  3. Ah, I love this song. It’s definitely one of the most emotional songs in the musical for me and I think it really portrays Jean Valjean’s selfless attitude well. ❤ Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Happy belated Memorial Day! “Bring Him Home” is a great song to think of on Memorial Day. I’m kind of tearing up even just thinking about the song and how emotional and well-done it is. I think I should go listen to it now.

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